July 21st, 2016 There is a certain romance in the process of crafting an instrument. Expert luthiers have been transforming wood into complex musical forms for thousands of years, and for some, the traditional processes are hard to let go of because of the meditative relief that comes from the process of...

July 21st, 2016 It may be a surprise for music fans who enjoy the predominantly human profession of singing and instrumentation to discover the very real surge in robotic performers. Partially-automated music-making machines have been around for years. A few examples are Ray Kurzweil’s pattern recognition...
July 19th, 2016
Med Tech

Drones are becoming an increasing part of everyday life, with uses ranging from children’s toys to production equipment and even million-dollar...
June 28th, 2016
Sports Tech

To say that wearable technology is taking over our lives is an understatement. By 2018, the global wearables market is expected to be worth a cool...
June 17th, 2016
Med Tech

Once known as manic depression, bipolar disorder (BD) is central to mental health discussions in the U.S. According to the National Institute for...

Home Automation

When Walls Can Talk

Remember the simple times when things only needed two AA batteries to work, and you were good to go? Now, it seems like everything needs a Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection. But, good or bad, a lot of the technology you have in your home can probably... July 26th, 2016

The Connected Yard: Transforming Lawn/Garden Care with Tech

The age of convenience is upon us, and we’re laying out the welcome mat. Smart home technology is reaching into every corner of the house, from the kitchen to the laundry room, giving back the most precious commodities: time and effort. There are... July 19th, 2016

Smart Home (In)Security

Without even darkening the doorway, someone has burglarized your home. And there were no broken windows, no crowbars, no ski masks or vinyl gloves –  just a hacker with a digital key to, say, your fancy new thermostat, toaster, or TV. So-called... July 15th, 2016

How Voice Recognition Drives Home Automation

Let’s return to 1994. As a magazine editor, I worked with a desktop computer, dial-up Internet, a brand new America Online e-mail account with 128 bit-per-second dial up speed (about 1/20,000th of today’s slowest Wi-Fi connections), FAX... June 21st, 2016

Connected Car

Driverless Cars are Ready to Disrupt Traffic: Are You?

Whenever someone opts for an Uber or Lyft instead of taking their own car to an urban destination, valuable real estate is left vacant: a parking space. Parking, a tedious and infuriating task on its own, is also a known villain in city traffic... July 19th, 2016

Andy Gryc Chats About Connected Car Shows

Innovation & Tech Today: What were the top ten most exciting developments at the L.A. Auto Show and CCE? Andy Gryc: How about six? Valasek & Miller’s UConnect hack over the summer single-handedly changed the discussion around... July 1st, 2016

Tesla Model 3 Preorder Bonanza

Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced the release of their latest electric vehicle offering, the competitively priced Model 3. The latest in Tesla’s line of zero emission vehicles promises to have a 215-mile range, a 0 to 60 mph acceleration in under six... April 19th, 2016

Knowing You’ve Had Enough

App-Driven breathalyzers have broken into the market, using connected car technology to provide a vital safety solution.   By: John Faulkner Point Zero Eight. That’s not the name of a new action movie, but the maximum alcohol... August 26th, 2015

Latest Interviews

December 21st, 2015 Jon DeVore was buzzing with energy in Chicago less than 24 hours before he set a free-flying, skydiving world record with 164 fellow skydivers. We caught up with the professional skydiver, BASE jumper, and blockbuster stuntman who manages the Red Bull Air Force. In this exclusive, DeVore talks about the role technology has played in advancing...