May 19, 2024

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NFL Players Supporting Climate Initiatives

The sports world is a crucial part of today’s society for several reasons, including raising awareness of world issues, and of course, bringing entertainment to fans. Athletes within the league have taken strides to bring attention to various matters, like climate initiatives. Here are just a couple of players within the National Football League who are doing their part in helping our environment.

Chris Conley

Former Jacksonville Jaguars wide receiver Chris Conley is involved with Ocean Conservancy, a nonprofit environmental advocacy group raising awareness of ocean conservation. Conley is one of six players who teamed up with the organization and raises awareness by partnering with the popular NFL movement “My Cause My Cleats.” 

One of the receiver’s favorite hobbies is surfing, which he picked up during a trip to Hawaii. He also went scuba diving, which led to Conley interacting with other divers who changed his view on how his habits contribute to the problems destroying the oceans.

The Jaguars’ receiver told ABC News that he wants to help the cause as much as possible, even if it means only making a slight change. 

“The more you learn, the more you see the effects we have on [the ocean] negatively and positively. If I can see an opportunity where I can help a little bit, then I’ll do it.” He reminds people that there are several ways that they can contribute to the cause with simple tasks like beach cleanups and limiting the use of plastic straws. Conley has encouraged other players in the league to take part in helping with ocean conservation and continues to do so today.

Josh Rosen

While some athletes focus on specific issues regarding climate initiatives, former Arizona Cardinals quarterback Josh Rosen focuses on the bigger picture. Rosen was asked in a pre-draft interview by ESPN before the 2018 NFL draft about which causes he would raise awareness as a player in the league, to which the quarterback responded with a loaded answer.

“I think it’ll evolve, but one cause I’ll champion is the environment. It touches everything. I mean, the war in Syria started because of the drought and famine that destabilized the country and led the population to revolt against the government. I know global warming is a partisan issue for some stupid reason, but it touches everything.”

Rosen’s views on climate change and how it can create human conflict, especially in vulnerable regions like Syria, is not a very common issue talked about amongst athletes. 

Using his platform to spread awareness has set him apart from most athletes when it comes to energy and environmental issues, and he continues to make strides in prioritizing these conflicts.

Contributing to the Cause

While these two athletes and others around the globe continue to spread awareness and make a difference, climate change remains a big issue that not enough people are fully aware of. It truly takes a whole community to see real change, and these NFL players are doing their part in publicly sharing their reasons for supporting these societal concerns. 

What will you do to support climate change, and how will you make a difference?

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By Taylor Hartman

Taylor Hartman is a passionate sports writer for Gridiron Heroics, covering the NFL and college football. His goal as a writer is to grab the reader’s attention quickly and explain things in ways everyone can understand.

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