May 19, 2024

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So You Want to Submit a Guest Post for Innovation & Tech Today?
Here’s What You Need to Know.

Innovation & Tech Today is an award-winning publication celebrating innovations in science, education, business, sustainability, and entertainment. With a rapidly growing audience, our print and digital publications continue to bring the latest in tech and science to the masses in a smart and engaging way.

The Essential Elements of All Content We Publish

Content on our website, first and foremost, needs to bring value to our readership. It is vital that they walk away having gained something.

Submitted content should never be overly promotional. Rather it should explore real world problems and solutions that are applicable to our subject matter — including tech news, science, innovative product reviews, sustainability, STEM education, business tech, health tech, cybersecurity, car technology, gaming, sci-fi entertainment, sports/fitness tech, and IoT devices.

Below are a few things we look for in every submission:

The Types of Stories We Accept

What We Won’t Accept

How to Submit

Please email with the following:

  1. “For Innovation & Tech Today” in the subject line
  2. A Google Doc or Word Doc of your piece
  3. Any image files you would like to accompany the piece (with designations in the text for placement and attribution for each image)
  4. A short author bio (300 characters or so) and profile image

If your submission meets our editorial standards and provides value to our publication, we will respond via email to let you know that your content will be published or that it needs updates. It may take a couple weeks for a response.

Fine Print: All Contributors Agree to Our Content Release Terms

By submitting an article, video, imagery, or any other piece of content, you agree to the following terms:

Please send all submissions and inquiries to

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