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Buyer’s Guide: The Top 50 Most Innovative Products

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Innovation & Tech Today is an award-winning digital and print publication covering all things tech. While we maintain global coverage of the sciences, innovation, and technology, we also celebrate the many cutting-edge products making headway in the marketplace today. Our noted cover personalities have featured Ricky Gervais, Dave Bautista, James Gunn, Scarlett Johansson, and Penn & Teller — to name just a few.

The Top 50 Most Innovative Products of 2022 is a fascinating collection of electronics, tools, and gadgets from industries like healthcare, smart home, outdoor and adventure, gaming, and entertainment..

Categories include:

Outdoor and Aventure is the home for all the tech that helps with camping, hiking, outdoor sports, and outdoor life in general.

This is where you'll find all of the hottest new gaming hardware, software and accessories.

If your gadget doesn't fit anywhere else, this is where it belongs.

HealthTech is the home for all new gadgets related to healthcare and personal well-being.

Connected Life is a mix of all things tech in your daily life. For example, mobile phones, digital assistants, smart home gadgets, IoT devices, etc.

  • Health Tech
  • Connected Life
  • Outdoor + Adventure Tech
  • Gaming + Entertainment
  • General Tech Products

We seek entries year-round for the contest. Approved entries run in our quarterly magazine in the themed Product Revolution, Outdoor+Adventure and HealthTech gear guides. At the end of the year, winners will be determined and released in our Year-End issue.

We are now accepting entries for the following guides, so enter early!

Spring 22

Outdoor: Golf Tech
Product Rev.: Work From Home Must-Haves
Health Tech: Wearables

Final deadline April 15

Summer 22

Outdoor: Camping & Hiking
Product Rev.: Audio & Video Must-Haves
Health Tech: Fitness

Final deadline June 30

Fall 22

Outdoor: Survival Tech
Product Rev.: Ultimate Gaming Gear
Health Tech: Smart Health

Final deadline Sept 30

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