May 19, 2024

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Buyer’s guide: The Top 50 Most Innovative Products

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Innovation & Tech Today is an award-winning digital and print publication covering all things tech. While we maintain global coverage of the sciences, innovation, and technology, we also celebrate the many cutting-edge products making headway in the marketplace today. Our noted cover personalities have featured Ricky Gervais, Dave Bautista, James Gunn, Scarlett Johansson, and Penn & Teller — to name just a few.

The Top 50 Most Innovative Products of 2024 is a fascinating collection of electronics, tools, and gadgets from industries like healthcare, smart home, outdoor and adventure, gaming, and entertainment..

Categories include:

Outdoor and Aventure is the home for all the tech that helps with camping, hiking, outdoor sports, and outdoor life in general.

This is where you'll find all of the hottest new gaming hardware, software and accessories.

If your gadget doesn't fit anywhere else, this is where it belongs.

HealthTech is the home for all new gadgets related to healthcare and personal well-being.

Connected Life is a mix of all things tech in your daily life. For example, mobile phones, digital assistants, smart home gadgets, IoT devices, etc.

  • Health Tech
  • Connected Life
  • Outdoor + Adventure Tech
  • Gaming + Entertainment
  • General Tech Products

We seek entries year-round for the contest. Approved entries run in our quarterly magazine in the themed Product Revolution, Outdoor+Adventure and HealthTech gear guides. At the end of the year, winners will be determined and released in our Year-End issue.

Here are a few examples of past winners.

Visit our issue library to view our Winter or Year-End issues that contain previous Top 50 winners

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FAQ-It's easy to enter & win!

How can my company benefit from winning or being nominated for an award?

A company can benefit from winning or being nominated for an award in several ways


Increased brand recognition and reputation: 

Awards can bring recognition and credibility to a company and its products or services, helping to enhance its reputation and attract new customers.


Increased customer trust: Winning an award can increase customer trust in a company and its products, as the award recognition can serve as a stamp of approval.


Employee motivation: Awards can serve as a morale boost for employees and help to create a positive work environment.


Improved company culture: Awards can serve as a symbol of a company’s values and goals, helping to strengthen its culture and attract new talent.


Networking opportunities: Awards can provide opportunities for companies to network with other businesses and establish partnerships.

Differentiation from competitors: Awards can help a company stand out from its competitors and gain a competitive edge in the market.

When I win, how can I promote that I won?

A company can promote that it has won an award in several ways:


Social media: Share the news on social media platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Website: Promote the award on the company’s website, including an announcement and a graphic representation of the award.


News release: Issue a press release announcing the award and distribute it to media outlets and industry publications.


Email marketing: Use email marketing to reach out to customers and stakeholders to let them know about the award.


Direct mail: Send a direct mail piece to customers, stakeholders, and partners highlighting the award.


Trade shows: Promote the award at trade shows and industry events to reach a wider audience.


Public relations: Utilize public relations efforts to generate media coverage and spread the news about the award.


Product packaging: Incorporate the award into product packaging to increase visibility and recognition.

Employee recognition: Use the award as a way to recognize and motivate employees.

What do I need to do to enter?

Fill out the form, pay the entrance fee, and mail us your product!

When will the top products be announced/released?

Winners will be announced in Q1 2025.

Can I enter more than one product?

Yes, but you must pay and submit per product.

Can I sponsor the Top 50 most innovative products?

Yes! Please email

What happens after I submit my entry?

You will receive a confirmation email with the product shipping address. 

Our team will review the product, determine its fit for the category and if eligible the managing editor will do a write up for the next issue!

How can I publicize my feature and award?

You can advertise that your product is a top 50 most innovative product via the print editorial, social media via the digital edition of the publication and the award logo, include it in your newsletters, place your award logo on the product packaging or website.

No, all products are nominated, tested and reviewed by our editorial team for innovation, user experience and functionality and we only feature products that exceed expectations for innovation in their respective category.

How and when will I find out if my product was selected?

Our Managing Editor will reach out to approve the write up and let you know what issue your product will be featured in!