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By I&T Today

The Top 50 Most Innovative Products (Part 2)

Konnected Alarm Panel

Crowdfunded in just two hours, the Konnected Alarm Panel allows you to connect to a home automation hub and monitor your home minus all the fees.

The 2nd Generation panel lets you install it yourself, saving money while completing the task in approximately an hour. $49




The next evolution of the classic connected meat thermometer, the Meater+ truly brings your grilling to the future.

With five times the range of the original, as well as an Advanced Estimator Algorithm, any modern cook needs the Meater+ in their arsenal. $99


Canon EOS M200

Designed to inspire creativity, the Canon EOS M200 allows you to take high-quality images and videos with ease.

Compact, mirrorless, and showcasing a 24.1 Megapixel CMOS (ASP-C) sensor, this camera ensures you won’t miss a single memory. $500





Fenix PD36R

This high-performance flashlight delivers a maximum 1,600 lumens to an impressive distance of 928ft.

The high-capacity battery can be conveniently charged through a USB-C port, and it’s long battery life makes it perfect for anything from an emergency to camping. $99



AirSelfie Flying Camera

A photo-taking drone compact enough to fit in your pocket, the AirPix Flying Camera lets you and your group take high-quality selfies and videos with ease.

A major hit with the crowdfunding community, this lightweight camera will be your new robotic photographer. $99




Cleer ARC

With a sleek, futuristic design that will catch a few eyes and “situational awareness” rather than noise canceling allowing you to engage the world around you, Cleer Audio’s ARC headphones provide a truly unique listening experience.

Sweatproof and water resistant, these headphones are at home at the gym, the campsite, and the coffee shop alike. $129


Modius Sleep

Funded on Indiegogo, Modius Sleep is ideal for anyone looking for a good night’s sleep, drug-free and without invasive tech.

Utilizing active neurostimulation, this innovative device looks to boost sleep quality while giving you more energy tomorrow. Prices vary



ChargeHub Go+

Compatible with virtually every device, the Chargehub Go+ truly lives up to its billing as an “all-in-one charging solution.” Able to take rapid SmartSpeed charging portable, the ChargeHub Go+ will become a mainstay on ll your future roadtrips. $40




Hercules DJControl InPulse 300

Becoming an expert DJ is as simple as plugging in the Hercules DJControl InPulse 300.

With 8 modes, 16 pads, and the specialized Intelligent Music Assistant, you’ll become a master beatmaker in time for the next big party. $200



Fishman TriplePlay Connect

A MIDI guitar pickup for the modern era, the Fishman TriplePlay Connect allows you to utilize your guitar for recording, looping, and even composing different instruments.

By combining the TriplePlay official app with the controller and your guitar, your musical possibilities are endless. $230

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The Top 50 Most Innovative Products (Part 2)

June 19, 2020
By I&T Today

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