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Tech Round-Up: 3 Products for Your Next Camping Trip

February 27, 2019
By I&T Today

Firefly Starter Kit

Being an athlete is a full-time commitment — even rest days have to count for something. With Firefly, you’ll reduce muscle soreness and increase blood flow without lifting a finger, so you can save your precious energy for your next big win. $75 (2 Pack)


Sawyer S3 Water Purifier Bottle

For the active adventurer, the S3 Sawyer Select Water Filter is a life-saver. The S3’s cutting-edge foam filter removes odors and 99.99 percent of viruses while reducing heavy metals and improving taste. Perfect for traveling abroad, backpacking the trails, or stocking your bug-out bag. $90

Tentsile Universe Tree Tent

Versatile would be an understatement for this multi-purpose tent. Its unique design allows campers to pitch a tent in a tree, on the ground, or floating on the water SUP-style. Three porches, built-in storage, and a lofty five-foot ceiling make this tent a top pick for the whole family. Price TBA

Spy Optic Ace EC Goggles

Utilizing the innovative ONE Lens electrochromic technology, the Spy Optic Ace EC goggles allow you to adjust how you see the slopes ahead. With a simple push of a button, you can switch between three different tints, allowing you to adapt to bright mornings and cloudy afternoons alike. $275

Cyclops 210 LED Headlamps

Just because the sun is down doesn’t mean your adventure has to end. With the Cyclops 210 LED Headlamps, you can illuminate the path ahead as you bike, run, or hike the night away. $40 (2 Pack)

Feature image courtesy of Tom Kahler.

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