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Announcing The Winners of our E3 2018 Golden Ticket Prize Pack Giveaway

June 29, 2018
By Anthony Elio

Game over! Thank you to everyone that played a part in the second annual E3 2018 Golden Ticket Prize Pack Giveaway, featuring amazing prizes from our amazing sponsors. Special thanks to Razor, Andaseat, Royole, 1More, Patriot Memory, Sift, and Volante Design for making this giveaway a reality. This year, Innovation & Tech Today achieved a high score of entries in this gaming contest. Alright, enough gaming puns. On to the winners:

Grand prize: Randy Horn

2nd Prize: Peter Hsieh

3rd Prize: Arwin Lall

Additionally, congratulations to Sean Maldonado, Marvin Montesinos, Sam Smith, Michael Walters, Kara Viademonte, Raymond Castro, John Easley, Miguel De la Cruz, Edison S., and Keith Vailliencourt for winning a free one-year print + digital subscription to Innovation & Tech Today. Until E3 2019, game on!

To claim your prize, please reach out to our Associate Editor Anthony Elio at

Author Bio: Anthony Elio is the Assistant Editor for Innovation & Tech Today. Outside of writing, he is a drummer, podcast host, sandwich enthusiast, and amateur self-describer.

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