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The Top Ten World Cup 2018 Apps

The World Cup in Russia is on the horizon and fans are already itching for football’s biggest and best tournament to kick off. Smartphones and tablets, and more specifically the apps available for them, will play a big role in Russia 2018; and how everyone not only enjoys the action but keeps up to date with the various goings-on, amongst other things. So, with not long to go, which apps should audiences be installing on their smartphones right now?

FIFA Official

This is the first app that everyone needs, hands down. The official FIFA app has the potential to give the most coverage of the tournament itself, regarding updates, live games, interviews, and analysis.


The Onefootball is a great football app in its own right, and it’s set to be extremely popular during the World Cup too. It will provide users with live scores, news, and stats throughout, along with great personalized content for a person’s chosen nation. There is also functionality to even predict the outcomes of the game and tournament too.


There are going to be loads of fans around the world looking to place bets during the world cup, and to do that, they will need an app. Football betting has always been extremely popular, and it doesn’t get any more significant than the World Cup. Therefore, sports betting sites will all cover the event, but few have an app that takes care of all your needs. The Unibet app has all the markets punters could ever need, it’s clean looking, and it’s also easy to navigate. Plus, the In-Play betting will also be useful during the tournament too.

Soccer Scores Pro

People could be fooled by this app when they see that it looks effortless, but believe me, it’s a must-have. It’s an app that has a truly global reach, with it covering ten different languages. This makes it ideal for many users around the world, allowing them to keep track of the action via live text commentary.


ESPN is one of the biggest names in sport around the world, and they are sure to be taking the World Cup very seriously. It’s likely that the ESPN app will be one of the most downloaded this summer, as they have such an excellent reputation for bringing the latest to their users regarding news, views, and analysis. There’s also a great iMessage extension which allows content to be shared quickly amongst friends.

Watch ESPN

For many of us, watching the action live is all that matters. Unfortunately, not everyone can be in front of a TV screen. Fortunately, mobile devices provide a more than viable alternative. The Watch ESPN app will offer the chance to watch every game live if one subscribes. With smartphones now capable of producing stunning visuals, it’s sure to be a top-rated app this summer.


Staying up to date with the latest scores will be vitally important during the World Cup, and the theScore app provides this service, plus a lot more. It’s an app which allows the user to customize what they’re seeing, enabling them to get the most from the service. It’s straightforward to use, and the newsfeed is particularly good, with updates regularly being posted.

BBC Sport

The BBC is another huge name in the world of sports, and their app will undoubtedly be geared up for the World Cup this summer. They have some of the best in sports journalism and reporting working for them, so their articles are always worth a read. There’s also great personalization options, and users can set notifications, so they never miss anything significant.


Twitter is the place to be on social media for Russia 2018. It’s become a hub for football fans to get access to all of the latest goings-on instantly. Replays and highlights are often posted within a few minutes too and being able to exchange views with others during or after games will be a big draw for many.


Instagram is one of the fastest growing social media platforms, especially as it fits in with how many people communicate these days, via images and video. The Instagram Live feature will likely come into play this summer too, with many footballers now often interacting directly with fans. If videos and pictures are your thing, plus live streaming, you need Instagram.

By I&T Today

By I&T Today

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