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Buyer’s Guide: The Top 50 Most Innovative Products

4 Gifts for STEM Kids

June 3, 2016
By I&T Today
  1. Ozobot


Ozobot is designed to engage kids and teach them the basics of CS and programming, but not through memorization – through game-based applications. “STEM subjects usually include difficult concepts that require attention, focus, and, in many cases, memorization,” said Nader Hamda, CEO of Ozobot. Although Hamda believes there’s a place for these, “for the most part, they do little to inspire and educate.” Ozobot takes a different approach. “Ozobot’s STEM-based activities and challenges are rooted in competitive game-based applications.” Learn more and purchase:  

  1. Bitsbox


Bitsbox is a one-of-a-kind product; it’s a subscription box full of materials that teach kids to code. In almost no time at all, kids are building their own apps for a virtual tablet they access online. The apps are fun to build, and they make it easy for kids to code – and even to collaborate. “We heard about a seven-year-old and a five-year-old sister team,” said CPO Aidan Chopra. “The seven-year-old was coding, and the little sister was making user interface requests. The younger sister would ask, ‘Can you turn the cat and make it a little bigger? A little louder? What happens if you click it and explodes instead of meowing?’” Learn more about Bitsbox and subscribe for a monthly box of stickers, toys, trading cards, and instructions for new apps:

  1. BOXLIGHT Labdisc

    Labdisc Cart

The Labdisc is a complete, wireless laboratory integrated into a single small disc. The disc has the ability to measure temperature, humidity, GPS coordinates and more. “Labdisc was designed from the ground up for hands-on, inquiry-based learning,” said Pat Henry, EVP North America Sales. “Labdisc enables students to measure their world, analyze real-time data samples, and develop a skilled scientific response.” Bonus? All the built-in sensors are automatically tested and calibrated, saving teachers hours of setup and calibration time every week. For more information:




  1. Robolink: Rokit Smart

It is safe to say that, growing up, there were a lot of kids who would have jumped at the chance to learn how to build a robot. Well, thanks to Robolink, they can. In 2012, Robolink released its first prototype of Rokit Smart to teach students how to easily build and program robots. Because of the inventive idea, their kits have now been used to teach thousands of students how to build and program their own robots at various schools around California. Because of their success, the company even began a KickStarter campaign and has plans to launch their product globally. Their goal? “To revolutionize robotics education and set the foundation for future generations of robot lovers.” Available for $145.00 at  

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