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It’s All About The (Smartenit) App

October 8, 2014
By I&T Today

smartenitBy Johanna Chapman

Smart home initiatives are giving people more control over their homes than ever before. Anyone with a smart phone or tablet, and even some PCs, can now completely control their homes from just about anywhere. From security to maintenance to climate control, smart home initiatives can virtually do it all.

Such technology sounds complicated, expensive, and futuristic, but it’s here and becoming more accessible, according to Al Choperena of Smartenit. “The successful home initiatives will be ones that can defragment consumers’ networks, uniting the elements of their life, and making them accessible from anywhere,” he says.

In the current home initiative market, there is a struggle for interconnectivity. Consumers want everything to be connected and controlled from a single hub. Currently, there is “an explosion of so-called connected devices from a lot of different manufacturers” using various protocols, notes Choperena, but it’s difficult to find one system that does it all.

Technology like the iSmartenit App is helping to unify the process. Affordability and accessibility are the driving forces behind new developments in home initiatives. “Accessibility means that it is affordable and that a user is never far from an access point,” Choperena points out. It also needs to be simple for the user. “The techno-magic needs to take place within the gateways, hidden from the user. They will just see the result without having to struggle with the operation.”

The iSmartenit App is currently available for free, making good on the company’s promise to deliver affordable options. But home initiatives don’t stop with this app. Smartenit is continuing to look to the future for new ways to deliver the best technologies. In a world where every new invention is the next best thing, it can be difficult to sift through all the options. “The best technologies understand that being connected is a two-way street,” says Choperena.

What’s next? Choperena sees the answer on the horizon. “It’s an exciting process that isn’t too far off,” Choperena says about gateways and hub servers that can coordinate elements agnostically. Once this happens, then “we will see the true power and potential of a smart home system.”

How will this happen? “It just takes a few like-minded companies who are not afraid to be truly open and are driven by user need rather than proprietorship,” Choperena said.

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