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By Chynna Pearson

PitchBox Media–The First Subscription Box for Journalists

Subscription boxes are all the rage today. PitchBox Media is new to the game, but they send themed subscription boxes to journalists and work with the brands inside each box.

According to their website, PitchBox “is the first PR box subscription service designed to help media discover brands, trends, and story ideas with two box themes to select from per month.”PitchBox-Media-Pets-Theme

In order to receive themed boxes, journalists must apply and subscribe to PitchBox Media. Subscriber’s monthly themed PitchBox Media shipments include “brand-specific digital press rooms, monthly trend reports, MediaMatch Services, and more.”

Each box can be pre-selected to best serve someone’s personal needs and help streamline research for a journalist’s next story idea.

What’s in a Pitchbox?

In Aug. 2020, Innovative Properties Worldwide received two physical boxes. The “Back to School” and “Work From Home” boxes were unique to their respective themes. Each contained a pair of blue light glasses, one from Blenders and one from Felix Gray.

The boxes were similar as both work and school are online right now, but “Work From Home” focuses on more adult products while “Back to School” contained a lunchbox for picky eaters and baby-friendly sanitizing wipes.

For September’s “Self-Care Essentials” and “Pets” boxes, they arrived virtually. “Self-Care Essentials” contained Nutrogena’s Healthy Scalp hair wash, a drug-free sleep aid called Som Sleep, and GLO Science’s professional oral health package.

“Pets” is filled with different types of food and treats for both dogs and cats. It also contained an automatic feeder from PetSafe and Gripperz spill-proof bowls.


October’s “Brands with Heart” and “Holiday Gifting” virtual boxes contained completely different products. “Brands with Heart” were all products helping both the community and planet with each sale. Brands like HydraPak and CLEAN Cause donate to various social causes.

Seasonal Boxes

“Holiday Gifting” featured unique gifts like SommGo, a streaming service for any wine, beer, or spirits enthusiast and Fat Brain Toys to stimulate the mind and refine motor skills.

November’s “Winter Beauty” and “Practical Gadgets” boxes arrived virtually as well. “Winter Beauty” featured Lush Cosmetics’ shampoo bar, their number one best seller, and PYT Beauty’s plumping lip gloss – a cruelty-free, silicone free, and harsh chemical free beauty alternative.

The “Practical Gadgets” theme included the iFixIt Kit, a 64-bit kit including over 65,000 online repair guides. The box also has products from family-owned Limitless Innovations featuring consumer electronics, home goods, and personal protective equipment.

Lastly, the virtual December “Health and Wellness” and “Nutrition” boxes. Although the boxes are similar in theme, “Health and Wellness” contains supplements and vitamins like Little DaVinci and NuLeaf Naturals. The “Nutrition” box focused more on superfoods like Designer Protein and Zellee Organic Sports Jel.

Each theme’s hand-picked items and brands come together to make journalism easier than before. All themed boxes for January through May, are already available to choose for a subscription.

Check out for more information on how to subscribe or how to get brands featured in the boxes.

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PitchBox Media–The First Subscription Box for Journalists

January 8, 2021
By Chynna Pearson

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