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Here’s How To Watch CES 2021

CES 2021 is here. It’s the first massive technology event of the year, and this year, specifically, promises to be a little different. With the pandemic keeping everyone inside and distancing, you can watch CES 2021 from your home on the livestream.

The event this year won’t have as many participants and speakers as it has in the past, due to the dynamic of being virtual. However, this change only means that the event has honed in on the best of the best. From big tech companies to smaller startups, you’ll get a range of inside looks and announcements in the industry.

As you watch presentations from tech experts and communities around the world, keep an eye out for the following trends.


5G just got its bearings at the end of 2020. A global release of several iPhone 12 models, all 5G-enabled, helped get this next-gen network off the ground and into consumer’s hands. This network offers faster speeds, better connectivity and digital solutions as 5G grows exponentially in 2021.

As the world relies on tech through distance, 5G could help connect healthcare professionals with patients. Elsewhere, you’ll likely see Samsung making strides in the 5G field among its other announcements as well.

The Pandemic

A recurring theme is going to be the COVID-19 pandemic. The world needs solutions. Even as vaccines slowly roll out across the globe, people need fixes for remote learning and working and overall connecting. Staying inside means more streaming technology, purifiers, home technology and health tech are all on the way during CES 2021.

With the rise in wearable technology, health will be the main focus within the broader context of the pandemic. Bringing about innovative tech in the healthcare industry is going to be a consistent conversation among the thousands of presenters this year.

You may see companies and organizations dabbling with UV-C light or others working on integrating the blockchain for better covid vaccine distribution.

Electric Vehicles

Alongside the pandemic, the climate crisis is the other prominent issue that the world must deal with quickly. In 2018, 28% of all greenhouse gas emissions came from the transportation sector, the most of any industry. Due to this harm, this year’s event is sure to bring plenty of green vehicle solutions.

Prominently, Tesla has been gaining traction throughout the years. Other companies are likely to hop on the bandwagon and develop newer electric vehicles to curb carbon emissions throughout the world.

Big Tech, Bigger Innovations

Across the lineup, you’ll find plenty of big tech companies, ready to reveal their latest innovations. Startups and nonprofits, too, have a shot at wowing the audience before releasing their products to the world.

Some trends you’ll likely see include an emphasis on smart home technology and wearables. Sometimes newer and more show-stopping might include transparent TVs. LG has been working on OLED transparent screens and is likely to make progress in that field at this year’s event.

Samsung is likely working on its next-gen Galaxy smartphone and 8K TVs, Sony may release a new model of wireless earbuds and Hisense could expand what’s possible for Roku TV.

How to Watch CES 2021

To watch CES 2021 this year, you can head over to the main website and register or sign in to your existing account.

Then, take a look at the schedule to see which events you’d like to attend.

CES 2021 begins on Monday, Jan. 11 and goes through Thursday, Jan. 14. You can check with the site about which slots are open to the public and which are more exclusive. Then, when it’s time, you can watch the livestream on the official website, or from a stream on YouTube.

Virtual CES

As one of the biggest tech events of the year, CES has a significant influence on the industry. You’ll likely see more virtual events popping up, perhaps even individual companies starting their own. This access allows everyone to easily see what’s next for technology

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January 11, 2021
By Shannon Flynn

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