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Technology Just Destroyed Your Excuse for Being Late

November 28, 2017
By I&T Today

****Editor’s Note: The opinions expressed herein are those of the author alone and do not necessarily reflect those of IPW, LLC or Innovation & Tech Today.

What’s that? You’re late? Sorry, no. It’s 2017. There are just too many tools to keep you on time.

Let’s just start with Siri and Google Assistant. They’re in your pocket…right now. There’s a 0.00% chance that you’re getting this newsletter and don’t have a phone with a digital assistant. Press the button and tell them where you have to be and when. It’ll remind you. And then you won’t be late. It’s just that simple.

Going on a flight? Get the info emailed to the address associated with your phone and it will prompt you when it’s time to go – on my old-ass Note 4 anyway. I’d be surprised if your fancy iPhone can’t do the same. So, when you’re telling me that your flight is leaving and beg to cut in line, I will invite you to pound sand.

I do a good bit of hiring, which in turn means that I do a good bit of interviewing. What kind of impression does it make when you show up late? Even just a couple of minutes. Download Waze. Get your ass here on time if you want a shot. Show up late because of traffic or bad directions for a job at a tech magazine and you’re putting yourself in a bad place.

Also, what are you doing to yourself? I’ve been late before. It feels awful. The stress of being late for a flight or a meeting pushes my nerves right into fight or flight. When you’re late, you become pushy, forget things, drive erratically, and endanger yourself and those around you. That’s no way to get a meeting or an interview or a vacation started. And, if you don’t feel at least a little twinge of stress about being late, then you’re an asshole.

Here’s the bottom line: You not being on time tells me a lot about how you feel about me. I don’t want to go all How to Win Friends and Influence People on everyone, but not respecting my time is one of the most heinous things that you can do to a person. We’re dying, all of us, slow or fast, sooner or later, and the only commodity that means a damn thing in this world is our time. To waste my time is tantamount to saying that my life is worthless.

Make good plans. Set aside enough time to get there. Don’t be in a rush. Let me know you care about me in the most basic way possible, as another mortal being. I know. Sometimes, things work against us, and there are circumstances beyond our control. But, if you’re constantly late, then you’re telling us all how little you think of us.

Don’t be late.


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