May 26, 2024

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e-Signatures and How They Help Digital Businesses

Signing paper documents may still be a fairly common practice, but in the digital age it makes more sense for businesses to make the leap to e-Signatures instead.

This is especially true for organizations that primarily operate digitally, rather than requiring face-to-face interactions with customers. Here is a quick overview of e-Signatures and the advantages they offer modern companies.

The basics

The good news about e-Signatures is that they can function identically to a physical pen-and-ink signature, allowing for the signing of everything from rental agreements and employee contracts to NDAs and loan forms.

There are actually a number of different e-Signature solutions available, but the fundamental purpose of each is the same. Signatures can be added entirely digitally, and these documents are then legally binding in the relevant jurisdictions to which they apply. (1) photo

The customization options

One of the perks of e-Signatures is that service providers often have custom templates available, meaning that you can make signatures online in a way that is completely adjustable and thus tailored to suit the specific needs of your paperwork.

This kind of customization is doubly advantageous because the use of templates means that it takes less time to knock up boiler-plate contracts which have nevertheless been tweaked to the precise requirements of the circumstances you are faced with, whether that means altering where signatures are placed or adding additional boxes to sign to every page.

The convenience

Perhaps the biggest selling point of e-Signatures for document signing is that they completely eradicate the need for sensitive paperwork to be physically transferred to the signatories.

In the past, documents had to either be shipped out or printed locally, before being signed and sent back, all of which took up valuable time, as well as consuming resources and creating additional costs for all parties involved.

Today, the digitization of document signing means that it is not only faster to use e-Signatures, but also more sustainable and affordable.

The security

Some may be cautious to commit their signature to a document digitally, perhaps for fear that this is not the most protected, resilient option.

Of course it is worth remembering that paper documents are entirely open to exploitation, manipulation, subversion and even destruction. Conversely with the latest e-Signature platforms and services, you can enjoy a much higher level of overall security and protection.

For very important, legally binding paperwork, this is obviously a huge step forward, and one which gives digital businesses the peace of mind they need to operate without fear that contracts will be mislaid, misused or otherwise tampered with.

The trust

Digital businesses can struggle to generate the same kind of trust and recognition amongst consumers that their rivals with a bricks and mortar presence enjoy. The intangibility of a purely digital offering is not especially unusual today, but it can seem less convincing to certain prospective clients.

The power of e-Signatures comes into play once again here, as they are not only backed up with thorough legislation and regulations in many territories, but they also give the impression that your organization is professionally committed to following the letter of the law, and making sure that anyone who interacts with it is held to the same high standards.

Ultimately e-Signatures can be a boon for businesses of all sizes, whether or not they operate in the digital sphere more than they do in the physical realm. This trend will only continue to gain traction, so getting onboard sooner rather than later is sensible if you see your business as forward-looking and innately innovative.

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