April 20, 2024

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Hands of robot and human touching on global virtual network connection future interface. Artificial intelligence technology concept.
Hands of robot and human touching on global virtual network connection future interface. Artificial intelligence technology concept.

Colorado’s Cloudrise is Ramping up its Growth

Cloudrise conquered the seemingly impossible in 2020, launching a new company amid a pandemic and economic downturn.

Despite those challenges, their hard work paid off and Cloudrise is reporting a successful year one in business. Combining decades of data protection expertise with automation, Cloudrise focuses on securing data wherever it resides. Their data-centric approach to cybersecurity and use of automation enables Cloudrise to secure organizations’ data during their digital transformation journey.

After launching the company in October 2019, Cloudrise went on to secure capital investments through a network of seasoned cybersecurity investors, and deliver automation-centric data protection services to over 50 customers.

Photo_Rob Eggebrecht
Rob Eggebrecht

“The team at Cloudrise started this journey 17 months ago with an overriding focus and commitment to delivering value to our customers,” said Rob Eggebrecht, CEO and co-founder at Cloudrise. “Fueled by impactful partnerships and a relentless push for innovation, every day we strive to solve complex data protection and privacy problems. As we expand our data protection capabilities in the areas of in complex cloud and hybrid computing environments, as well as utilize automation to solve enterprise data protection problems, Cloudrise is well-positioned to become a global market leader in the area of scalable and effective data protection programs.”

In 2021, the momentum continues to build as Cloudrise adds new customers across the globe, and expands team coverage across North America and Europe.

They recently raised additional capital to help to fund growth and innovation, with the Greater Colorado Venture Fund (“GCVF”) leading significant investment in Cloudrise. The GCVF invests in early-stage startups headquartered across the state of Colorado, outside of the Front Range.

“The innovative nature of the Cloudrise leadership team, and commitment to the communities of the Western Slope of Colorado, made for a perfect fit with our mission,” said Cory Finney, Partner at GCVF.

In December, Cloudrise moved their headquarters from Denver to Grand Junction, CO. In doing so they have partnered with the Grand Junction Economic Partnership (“GJEP”), Economic Development Council of Colorado (“EDCC”), and Colorado Mesa University because their missions align.

“Cloudrise embodies the community spirit that we seek from businesses who startup, expand, or relocate here,” said Kim Woodworth. “EDCC, an organization who promotes effective, responsible economic development, applauds Cloudrise’ decision to base its company in Grand Junction. This move will be a catalyst to growing an industry that will support Grand Junction’s effort in diversifying its economy.”

One of Cloudrise’s goals is to create opportunity, revenue, and employment in rural communities of Colorado.

“We are thrilled to officially welcome Cloudrise to our community,” said Robin Brown, Executive Director at the GJEP. “The founding team at Cloudrise has an esteemed reputation in major tech hubs like Silicon Valley and Boston. Their choice to relocate to Grand Junction will help attract more cutting-edge businesses, encourage skilled talent to move here, and grow our reputation as a rising tech hub.”

Cloudrise is committed to delivering high-value, innovative solutions to its customers in the areas of data protection, automation, and data privacy, while driving opportunities for members and business partners within their community.

By I&T Today

By I&T Today

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