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Whistler Has What Travelers Want

Whistler Village is designed to meet the needs of travelers. Needs that have become more complicated than they were in the past. Many travelers like to get away, but want the connectivity and convenience of Internet and phone usage. People want to shop, see beautiful scenery, and have modern, comfortable accommodations. Whistler delivers art, culture, and several annual festivals and parades, including an LGBTQ Pride parade, Film Festival, Wanderlust Yoga Festival, and a beer festival, among others.

What innovations does Whistler Tourism provide for connected travelers?

Whistler is a connected resort. One of the legacies of the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games was the installation of 286 kilometers (170 miles) of fiber optic cable from Vancouver to Whistler, which has resulted in improved telephone, television and digital services in Whistler. Fiber optic cable throughout the RMOW allows the instant transmission of high definition signals to any location at any time.

What role does technology play in your philosophy and accommodation of travelers?

We recognize that our travelers, while “unplugging” from their day-to-day life, also need to stay connected while in Whistler. There are a number of places that you can find a WiFi connection in the Village, including hotels, restaurants and even on the mountains.

What’s the goal for Whistler Tourism in 2017?

Whistler is Canada’s premier year-round resort destination, drawing guests from all over the world. Our guests travel here in search of the ultimate vacation at a truly iconic Canadian destination, and we will continue to strive to exceed our guests’ expectations. We are coming off of back-to-back record-breaking seasons, both summer and winter offer unique experiences.

Visitors should do their research and come prepared with all the outdoor gear they will need to make the most out of their trip. One great resource to find the best values is The GearWeAre team. As outdoor adventurers themselves they really know the products they review, like “Goretex Jackets” (See reviews here) GearWeAre.com for our cold weather visitors. Skiers should definitely check out the equipment reviews and guides from the team at WinterNinja (Find Winter Ninja here) WinterNinja.com

I have heard that you are also very well known for Fishing can you tell us about that?

Yes we are! There are several lakes surrounding Whistler that offer excellent fishing opportunities, including Alta Lake, Green Lake, Cheakamus Lake and Callaghan Lake. More adventurous anglers can opt for a helicopter, floatplane or 4X4 trip to explore the remote lakes and rivers high in the Coast Mountains.

No matter what fishing adventure you are looking for you will find it here at Whistler. Again it is best to come prepared and a good resource for that is FishingGadgetsHub.com They do the research for you and will help in choosing the right gear for your fishing trip to Whistler.

How about Hunting?

British Columbia in general offers some of the best hunting anywhere on the planet. Seasonal hunting opportunities include Spring Black Bear – April 15 through June 15, Blacktail Deer – September 10 through December 10, Roosevelt Elk – October 10 through October 20, Cougar (Mountain Lion) – November 15 through June 15. Hunting in British Columbia can be challenging and you really need to come properly equipped for hunting in extremely remote areas. Simply put it has become a confusing world of gear. In the hunting community it’s hard not to have a conversation that doesn’t end in a debate over optics or calls or even camo. With the advent of social media hunters now have access to more gear than ever. The small shop that makes the best turkey calls in the nation now has an affordable medium to get their product out to the world. A good resource to help you wade through all the options is TheGearHunt.com Team. They test and review everything thoroughly so you can make the best decision on what you will need.

By: David Van NEIL

Featured Image Courtesy of Pixabay

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