April 19, 2024

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This Week’s Top 5 Tech Stories You Must Know- February Week 2

Lots has happened this past week in the tech world! With the 2024 Super Bowl breaking viewership records, SpaceX reportedly filing to move to Delaware, new studies showing how ChatGPT is changing online dating, and more, there’s much to catch up on. So, let’s get started! 

Super Bowl 2024 Breaks Viewership Records

Super Bowl 2024 is the highest-rated program in television history. According to NFL Football Operations, the overtime game between Kansas City and San Francisco, ending with a 25-22 victory for Kansas City on Sunday night, had an average of 123.4 million viewers across both television and streaming platforms. 

This marked a significant increase of 7% from last year’s record of 115.1 million viewers during Kansas City’s triumph over Philadelphia. The game was broadcast on CBS, Nickelodeon, and Univision and streamed on Paramount+ and the NFL’s digital platforms.

SpaceX Reportedly Files to Move to Delaware

According to public filings with the Texas Secretary of State’s office, SpaceX requested to change its location from Delaware to Texas. This decision comes after a Delaware Chancery Court ruling instructing Tesla to revoke Elon Musk’s 2018 pay package, valued at approximately $56 billion in options. 

Expressing an inclination to move his business tech operations out of Delaware following the court’s decision, Musk has actively advocated for other companies to consider such a move. He has also committed to conducting a shareholder vote at Tesla to seek approval for the company’s relocation of incorporation to Texas.

Studies Show ChatGPT Is Changing Online Dating

In the United States, recent survey data from AI platform Pollfish indicates that 1 in 3 men aged 18 to 34 utilize ChatGPT for relationship guidance, compared to 14% of women in the same age bracket. 

Startups specializing in AI-generated messages for dating platforms are experiencing a surge in tech demand. An illustrative case involves a Russian man who programmed a chatbot to engage with over 5,000 women on Tinder and is now engaged to one of them.

Lurie Children’s Chicago Hospital Faces Cyberattack

Lurie Children’s Chicago Hospital has been restoring its computer systems almost a week after a cybersecurity incident made it shut down its network. The hospital reports that the outage has impacted email, phone services, and other electronic tech systems.

Dr. Andy Bernstein, a pediatrician at North Suburban Pediatrics, noted, “Initially, some patients experienced challenges communicating with their specialists, but we found alternative methods to address that.”

As of Feb. 14, the hospital has restored various systems, such as inbound and outbound emails, phone lines, and more. 

NYC Sues Social Media Platforms for Harming Youth’s Mental Health

On Wednesday, New York City Mayor Eric Adams announced that his administration has initiated legal action against the parent companies of popular social media platforms, including TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and YouTube. The lawsuit alleges that the services provided by these companies are detrimental to the mental health of young adults and children in the largest U.S. city.

Plaintiffs argue that these tech companies have violated various city laws related to public nuisance and gross negligence by designing and marketing addictive products. They claim that the use of popular social media apps has led to severe negative mental health consequences for children, impacting New York’s school districts and various health and social services.

By I&T Today

By I&T Today

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