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By I&T Today

The Top New Features In the Film Editing World

The film editing world is constantly changing, and with new technologies coming out all the time it can be difficult to keep up.  Here are some of the newest and most popular film editing features that will change your life in a major way.

In this article, we’ll cover some of the latest and greatest features from Adobe’s Premiere Pro to ensure that you’re completely up to date.

Background: Premiere Pro is a software application for editing videos made by Adobe. It provides you with the tools necessary to edit videos quickly and efficiently, while providing an intuitive interface that makes it easy enough to use – even for those new to the profession. Premiere Pro was originally designed for working on TV commercials, music videos, and other short-form projects.  It is now being used by professionals in many different industries including film production, television broadcast news production, corporate communications at major companies such as General Motors Corporation (GM), Nike Inc., or Boeing Company (BA). It supports editing of both PAL/SECAM video formats used widely outside North America and NTSC standards that are natively supported by most monitors.

In recent years Adobe has been releasing new versions more frequently than ever before. Below, we get caught up with some of the most popular enhancements.

Panel Mode: Premiere Pro has a Panel Mode that creates panels of thumbnails to better organize your workflow. This is particularly useful when you have multiple timelines open at once, as it makes navigating between them easier than ever before. One panel can be set up for editing clips while the other displays video playback and audio levels so you never lose track of what’s going on.

Lumetri Color: This color tool was designed to make it easier than ever to adjust the colors of your footage and create a desired mood for your project. It’s been updated with several presets that were popularized by Hollywood films, from classics like The Godfather or Citizen Kane, to modern favorites like Mad Max: Fury Road or Moonlight. Just select one of these templates and have instant access to their unique look!

Improved Color Grading Tools: Premiere Pro includes brand new color grading tools, which include automatic color correction that can be achieved by using just sliders! The improved algorithms have been designed with cinematic storytelling in mind so editors will no longer need to spend time manually adjusting saturation levels when it comes down to editing their films.

Improved Masking Tools: With this latest release of Premiere Pro they’ve introduced some amazing new masking tools based on feedback from users around the world. You can use brush strokes as masks; just drag across areas where you want more exposure (or less) and  the rest of the image will be masked out, giving you perfect control over your footage. You can also use our new automatic masking features that allow you to quickly and easily paint masks based on tone or color in a scene.

Improved Optical Flow: This includes major updates for those who want their editing process to look as good as possible with no compromises! They’ve added both GPU rendering support (for NVIDIA graphics cards) and optical flow integration into After Effects so editors can add beautiful motion blur effects without any additional work required.

Audio Mixer: this allows you to adjust the volume and panning of your different sound tracks. This is an incredibly helpful tool for editing films, especially when it comes down to adding music or mixing dialogue with other sounds that are playing on set.

Pan and Scan: Pan or scan allows you to edit the frame from a full screenshot into a widescreen format. This is an excellent way to make your film look more cinematic without having to go through the laborious process of reshooting scenes in order for them to fit within 16:09 screens!

Premiere Rush: Adobe Premiere Pro has their own nonlinear video editor, which is called Premiere Rush CC. Premiere Rush is a surprisingly advanced editor for a nonlinear video editing program that offers many more features than other programs at its price point!

Premiere Clip: Last but certainly not least, is Premiere Clip. This app allows you to create short videos up to five minutes long on your phone or tablet by using footage shot either live on camera or already stored on your device. You can then share it right away through social media channels such as Facebook and Instagram without downloading an app for each one separately. This may be scoffed at by the professional editors but it is certainly making waves with the extremely short format producers.

This wraps up our review of the latest and greatest features in the film editing world.

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The Top New Features In the Film Editing World

May 5, 2021
By I&T Today

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