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By I&T Today

The Top 50 Most Innovative Products (Part Four)

Apollo Neuro

Launching Jan. 31, 2020, Apollo is a well-designed wearable that looks to collaborate with your nervous system and improve your health. Combining the wearable with the free app allows you to connect to programs such as Rebuild + Recover, Relax + Unwind, and Energy + Wakeup. $360 ($199 Preorder)



Ursack Allmitey

While camping can be an extremely fun and relaxing activity, the threat of wild animals breaking into your food adds unneeded stress. Thanks to the essentially puncture-free Ursack Allmitey, your food collection will be safe from everything from bears and raccoons to squirrels and mice. $135




Elan Element 7 Skis

Ideal for beginner and mid-level skiers, the Elan Element 8 Skis have a Dual Woodcore for stability while maintaining a lightweight feel. With WaveFlex technology for torsional strength and longitudinal flex, these skis are engineered for a smooth ride down the slopes. $400






The stack Helmet by 174 Hudson

The perfect companion for busy commuters, the Stack Helmet’s collapsible top folds down, reducing the volume by nearly 50 percent for easy storage in any backpack or briefcase. The Stack is now available in four colors and is fully safety-certified in the U.S. and the EU. $79




Gossamer Gear Gorilla 40

The ideal combination of durability and lightness, the Gossamer Gear Gorilla 40 is the perfect backpack for veteran hiker and trail newcomer alike. Allowing you to pack your gear without an uncomfortable hike, this pack will travel every mile with you. $215







LaCrosse Alpha Range Boots

Combining ZXT rubber for durability with an Active Fit design for comfort, the Alpha Range boots from LaCrosse have the strength to stand up to any job you throw at them. Coming in a number of colors and designs, these boots get the job done and look good doing it. $120-160







1MORE Stylish True Wireless

Sleek and high quality, the Stylish True wireless headphones by 1MORE truly live up to their name. With the ability to add three hours of battery life in 15 minutes of charging, these powerful headphones won’t hold you back. $99





Fjällräven Greenland Re-wool Jacket

Utilizing recycle wool for both warmth and sustainability, the Fjällräven Greenland Re-wool Jacket is as easy on the eyes as it is on the environment. Ideal for a chilly mountain adventure in the colder seasons, this functional, ethically responsible jacket is built for taking on the elements. $450






Zpacks Vertice Jacket

Chilling rainstorms are no match for the Zpacks Vertice Jacket. Protecting you from the elements while providing breathability, this lightweight jacket belongs to any outdoor adventure. $259





Smacircle S1

The lightest, most compact ebike available, the Smacircle S1 by Wham-O and Smacircle LMT Ltd will change the way you look at your commute through the city. Weighing only 17 pounds and able to fold down to fit into a backpack, the Smacircle S1 is fun, fast, and convenient. $1,400

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The Top 50 Most Innovative Products (Part Four)

July 1, 2020
By I&T Today

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