December 5, 2023

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Buyer’s guide: The Top 50 Most Innovative Products

The Top 50 Innovative Products (Part Five)

Star Wars The Force Coding Kit

Coming from a galaxy far, far away, The Force Coding Kit combines the rich world of Start Wars with the educational side of coding. In addition to teaching code, this out-of-this-world kit allows children to create their own adventures, swing around lightsabers, and even play with classic Star Wars sounds such as R2-D2 beeps and Wookie roars. $30



PowerA Xbox FUSION Controller

Thanks to dual quick-trigger locks and precision-turned analog sticks, the PowerA Xbox One FUSION Controller takes your game to the next level. These design advances will help you level up whether you’re in a Halo firefight or a close match in Madden. $80






Sega Genesis Mini

With 42 total titles ranging from a large range of genres, the Sega Genesis Mini will take you right back to the 90s. Simple to set up and play right out of the box, you’ll be blasting through stages in Sonic the Hedgehog and duking it out in Mortal Kombat in no time. $60




Satisfye Pro Gaming Elite Bundle

For any gamer looking to get the most out of their Nintendo Switch, the Satisfye Pro Gaming Elite Bundle will help you take your game to the next level. Featuring a case designed on travel, the Pro Gaming Grip for more comfortable gaming on the go, ergonomic controller thumbpads, and a USB-C cable for easy charging, this bundle will make everything from Shamsh Bros to Mario Kart more enjoyable. $41







Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

Voted our favorite game of 2019, Star Wars Hedi: Fallen Order will have you transversing across a galaxy far, far away. Playing as Cal Kestis, a surviving Padawan after the Jedi fall to Order 66, you’ll learn exactly what it feels like to be a Jedi. Available on Xbox One, PS4, and PC. Prices vary.



Moto Z4

With up to two days of battery life and a 25 MP selfie camera, the Moto Z4 is the next evolution of Motorola’s smartphones. Because of the device’s compatibility with moto mods, you can turn your Motor Z4 into a projector, speaker, or mini gaming console. $500






Altec Lansing Super Lifejacket 2.0

Designed with durability and adventure in mind, the Altec Lansing Super LifeJacket 2.0 is the ideal Bluetooth speaker for the outdoor explorer. Waterproof and snowproof with up to 16 hours of battery life, the LifeJacket 2.0 can take on the elements and keep the music playing. $130



Deep Sentinel Starter 3-Cam Kit

Setting itself apart from the competition, the Deep Sentinel Starter 3-Cam Kit has actual guards maintaining your home’s security 24/7. Featuring everything you’ll need to leave your home alone stress-free, this kit shows how Deep Sentinel’s focus on live monitoring is truly disrupting smart security. $500



BenjiLock TSA

Making a major appearance on ABC’s Shark Tank, the BenjiLock TSA has received plenty of attention for its advanced security features. Able to use your fingerprint or PIN code and TSA approved, this innovative lock is making security smarter. $50





Toshiba e-STUDIO5015AC

With A3 color output and incredibly fast 50ppm printing speed, the Toshiba e-STUDIO5015AC is a high-end printer for the modern office. Featuring an easy-to-use display similar to a tablet for control customization, this printer fills all your office’s needs. Visit to request a quote.

By I&T Today

By I&T Today

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