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By Joe Toppe

The Brain Train; UFC And NBA Athletes Use Cognitive Training To Reach New Heights

While being fast, agile, and skilled can lead to athletic success, a cognitive training program combined with cutting-edge technology could be the difference-maker for the most physically-gifted at the professional and amateur levels.

FitLight Sensors

Using wireless, RGB LED powered lights as targets, the FitLight system trains the athlete to deactivate the sensors in line with the reaction training routine.

The system is controlled by a tablet, while the powered lights can be mounted to walls, poles, training equipment, or they can be strategically placed on the ground for specific exercises.

FitLight Director of Sales, Rob Bouw, said “the patented impact and proximity sensor technology allows you to deactivate the powered lights by both touch and motion, while the tablet controller gives you immediate and objective feedback.”

“The program can be used as a timing gauge for reaction and speed training, cognitive training, or specific protocol for decision making,” he said.  “The training hones the most important part of competitive sports; having that split-second advantage against your opponent. Whether that’s being able to run faster, react faster, or choose your next best move.”

In fact, Fitlight’s mission is to create an interactive training environment while providing immediate feedback through versatile solutions.


Professional athlete and UFC standout, Dustin Poirier, told Innovation & Tech Today he’s been using the technology to better his reaction time and decision making under stress.

“I believe my peripheral vision has improved, and it’s also helped me stay calm under pressure while trying to figure things out,” he said. “It’s important for athletes to stay on the lookout for new recovery or training methods. At the top level everyone is so good, and any edge in competition is huge.”

But Poirier is not the only professional athlete using this training program to take their game to new heights.


The Denver Nuggets’ Nikola Jokic has been using the program to help lead his team into another round of the NBA playoffs.

Bouw said “like almost every other NBA team, the Denver Nuggets use our products.

“The constant going back and forth while having to reach for and deactivate the sensors around Jokic allows him to replicate a game situation where his opponent has the ball and he has to block him the best way possible,” he continued. “Because of its flexibility and mobility, the trainer can be used with almost any workout and mounted to any surface, while the diversity of the product makes it a great tool for almost any sport where time is of the essence.”


Author Bio: Joe is a career journalist, a graduate of Kent State University's School of Journalism, and Managing Editor of Innovation & Tech Today.

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The Brain Train; UFC And NBA Athletes Use Cognitive Training To Reach New Heights

October 5, 2020
By Joe Toppe

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