May 25, 2024

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Technology helps people and businesses to be more productive.
Technology helps people and businesses to be more productive.

4 Ways Technology is Improving Office Productivity

The modern workplace has two dimensions. One is horizontal and the other is vertical. It is easy to expand our business if the conditions are favorable.

But to make one’s company as efficient as possible, i.e. going vertical, can prove to be much more complicated. And so it was, until the era of sophisticated technological expansion.

Recent generations take various technological aids for granted and cannot imagine living or working without them. Technology can make our personal and professional lives much more pleasurable and efficient.

Below are a few ways that technology can have a great impact on comfort and performance in the workplace, making employees much more productive and satisfied.

Simplification of Daily Tasks

All of us are obligated to do small and mundane tasks each and every day. You know, those we do automatically, on autopilot, that later we are not sure we even did them. They only take a few seconds or a few minutes, which adds up.

Technology is often used to make these tasks as efficient as possible. Meaning, the faster we do it with as little time and effort spent, the better.

Portability and connectivity are key to optimizing employee efficiency.
Portability and connectivity are key to optimizing employee efficiency.

Also, technology leaves very little space for human error which can always happen. It improves productivity by relieving the burden of these tasks, thus enabling us to focus on more productive endeavors.

Taking as few steps as possible while maintaining the quality of the work is always a good idea. Not only does it reduce time and effort, but it can also reduce stress from repeated exposure to repetitive and boring tasks and keep employees engaged.

Password managers, for example, can speed up the process of authentication and make it much more secure at the same time.

Connection and Communication

Efficient ways of communication are ubiquitous today and there is no excuse for a poor communication system. Not only are we living in a communication-driven era, but we are highly dependent on it for our professional lives, as well.

The modern workforce is constantly on the move and in need of adequate ways to connect to one another. No longer is anyone chained to an office.

Internet speed is constantly on the rise to accommodate these increases in demand for mobile phones and other mediums of communication. The software follows suite as there are many options for us to choose from.

Group chat and conference calls have never been easier to set up. It does mean that we are actively keeping up with our mediums, be it devices or the software on them.

Proper communication also allows everyone to step away from the 9 to 5 dogma and work remotely whenever they deem fit.

Employee Comfort

The office can be a turbulent environment filled with short deadlines, impatient customers, unsorted merchandise and conflicts. It can cause stress which is the number one enemy of productivity, office culture, and general wellbeing.

It is up to employers to minimize the effects these situations can have on an individual and collective alike.

Making the employee feel as comfortable in their spot as possible is essential for stress relief and organic engagement. Ergonomic chairs and desks that are comfortable but also provide lumbar support for proper posture can be invaluable in an office environment.

Ergonomically-designed office chairs boost productivity and focus by maintaining employee comfort.
Ergonomically-designed office chairs boost productivity and focus by ensuring employee comfort.

We can go even further and introduce a neck and shoulder massager for relieving tension caused by long sitting sessions in front of a screen or at meetings.

Additionally, potted plants, artwork and natural sunlight are not to be underestimated. These relatively small pieces of decor, when combined, provide a sense of being at home.

With that kind of a workplace, we can look forward to coming to work as opposed to being wary of it.


Our employees are smart and capable individuals. That is why we have chosen them in the first place. Everyone needs an adjustment period but, once it is over, they can handle their own weight.

We need to trust them to do things on their own.

Technology allows us to set up self-service platforms where anyone can accomplish their tasks without bothering and interrupting other employees. Again, technology improves our daily efficiency and productivity on an individual level and as a collective.

Streamlined Business Processes

Productivity has always been a concept that affects everyone both personally and professionally.

It manifests itself in many forms, some of which are hard to calculate and present to the board. It can have obvious impacts on our bottom line but also on less tangible aspects of doing business.

Increasing productivity and efficiency should always be one of the priorities when it comes to streamlining business processes. Fortunately, technology is evolving every day,expanding our choices, and making the workplace a more comfortable space for everyone.


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