June 4, 2023

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Buyer’s guide: The Top 50 Most Innovative Products

Top STEM Afterschool Programs to Consider

STEM afterschool program

STEM education instills higher education in the science, technology, engineering and mathematics world. These valued skills will take students’ education to new heights and better prepare them for the future […]

Top 5 Gaming Chairs for Spring 2023

Gaming chair buyer's guide gift guide

Serious gamers are known to sit for hours at a time while competing in the virtual world. It can be great entertainment, and for professional gamers can even be lucrative. […]

New Research on Aging Yields Surprising Results

aaing genetics epigenetics biological markers research anti-aging

Eileen Crimmins, University of Southern California and Jessica Faul, University of Michigan Can we objectively tell how fast we are aging? With a good measure, scientists might be able to […]

How Secure Are Home Medical Devices?

home medical devices secruity IoMT

Hackers can infiltrate medical devices as much as they can a standard computer. The world aims for interconnection, where every home medical device can transmit and receive data instantaneously with […]

Burntable Turns Vinyl Records into Digital Gold

Burntable Drop Station Vinyl Digital

Vinyl or digital? It’s a loaded question to which the answer changes drastically depending upon the individual it is directed toward. Audiophiles have their arguments teed up, ready to fly […]

Valentine’s Day High-Tech Gift Guide 2023

Tech Valentine's Day Gift Guide Katalyst

February 14th is looming once again, and if you’re not going full sexy or romantic, give the gift of high-tech gadgets — it’s the key to any robot’s heart. And […]

Chat GPT is Just the Beginning of the AI Economy

Chagpt AI economy

Chat GPT is taking the Twitterverse, headlines, and business conversations by storm. It famously reached its first 1 million users within 5 days of being released. Microsoft’s $10B pending investment […]

Are Facebook and Instagram About to #Freethenipple?

 #FreeTheNipple on Instagram and Facebook has been a movement that continues to grow in popularity. The rule on both platforms can be restrictive and confusing, especially when it comes to the female nipple. Facebook and […]

Device Transmits Radio Waves with Almost No Power

A new ultra-low-power method of communication at first glance seems to violate the laws of physics. It is possible to wirelessly transmit information simply by opening and closing a switch […]

Fire of Love: A Review

Fire of Love Volcano

Katia and Maurice Krafft loved two things — each other and volcanoes. For two decades, the daring French volcanologist couple roamed the planet, chasing eruptions and documenting their discoveries. Ultimately, […]

Why We Love the EXO Blackhawk 2 Pro Drone

Drone EXO Blackhwak

Out of the box. In the world of reviewing stuff, it’s a phrase that gets kicked around a good amount. Generally, it’s alluding to how a product performs right out […]

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