Sonos Ray Soundbar Review

Sonos Ray soundbar review

In the pursuit of a more immersive television experience, the quality of screens and resolution continues to evolve. However, the sad reality is, the audio in these flatter more beautiful […]

9 Amazing Tech Innovations Advancing Campus Security

Security Safety campus

In light of recent school shootings, assaults, and natural disasters, campuses have begun placing more emphasis on safety. There are many different approaches to protecting students at school. Having stronger […]

AV Must-Haves for Spring 2023

Yamaha YHT-5960 Premium All-in-One Home Theater System with 8K HDMI and Wi-Fi  Enjoy a complete home theater with the YHT-5960U. This system will transform how you listen and watch at […]

5 of the Wildest Announcements From CES 2023

CES 2023 products

As the dust settles after the year’s biggest tech products convention, the most interesting, out-of-the-box gadgets from the event’s more than 100 exhibitors are becoming clear. Want to know the […]

Moving to the Cloud Enables Better CX

Dominique Bastos, SVP, Persistent Systems At this point, we understand the pandemic has accelerated the digitization of services, and organizations that don’t want to be disrupted are leaning into technology […]

What Not to Miss at CES 2023

CES 2023

CES®, the world’s most influential tech event, is back in Las Vegas on Jan. 5-8. With more to see than ever, the show footprint will be over 70% larger than […]

Smithey Ironware Carbon Steel Wok Review

smithey ironware carbon steel hot wok review

By Adam Seidman and David Wallach We test a lot of amazing “innovative tech” for our magazine. For the most part, we have a good handle on whatever is put […]

Innovations for Space Have Snowball Effect on Earth

Space Innovation A&D aerospace digitalization

Memory foam, freeze-dried food, cochlear implants, the OpenStack cloud computing platform, oil-free lubricants, and CMOS image sensors like the one in your smartphone: These are all examples of aerospace and […]

Tech Tips for Tipping Your Delivery Drivers

Amazon is adding a way for customers to show delivery drivers their appreciation during the busy holiday season.  Beginning Dec. 7, customers who have a package delivered from Amazon can […]

Scientists Just Achieved Nuclear Fusion

Scientists at the Department of Energy announced a breakthrough in nuclear fusion that could change the way the world uses energy. Nuclear fusion to date has only been a reality in […]

JWST First Image Contains Rare Red Spiral Galaxies

The first image of NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope reveals a detailed morphology of highly redshifted spiral galaxies. Morphology of galaxies contain important information about the process of galaxy formation […]

Telematics Makes Construction Equipment Management Easier

Telematics devices simplify construction equipment management, allowing site managers to easily track their equipment and automate oversight. Telematics uses telecommunications and informatics technologies to connect vehicles and equipment and provide […]

How to Use Mobile Data Abroad

Now that international travel has been reinstated in almost every region around the world, visiting a foreign country is once again an option to explore. But before you set off […]

The Musician’s Gift Guide for Working Smarter

The maxim “worker smarter, not harder” is good advice for any career. It can also apply to your wallet — especially for musicians. Why spend thousands on multiple studio mics […]