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CES 2018
By Alex Moersen

Products That We’re Most Excited to See At CES 2018

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is internationally renowned for its celebration of innovation and technology. Throughout the history of CES, a myriad of products have made their presences known at the event to both impress and amaze attendees. This year’s show doesn’t look to be any different, as companies from far and wide will come to CES 2018present their latest products. As we prepare for this massive event, here are some of the products that we are most excited to see at CES 2018.

2018 Nissan Leaf

Tesla is no longer the only major player in the electric car circuit, and Nissan has been making a lot of noise with their Nissan Leaf. Available in early 2018, the Leaf will have a major presence at CES, showing off its 150-mile range and 147 horsepower. Make sure to stay tuned to I&TT since yours truly will be doing a ride along in one of these bad boys at CES.


CES 2018In a growing market of companion robots, there are those that are rising above the others. Being able to navigate your house, keep your schedules, and completely integrate itself into your smart home, BUDDY is surely to be a popular addition to the CES scene. BUDDY is the walking, talking Amazon Alexa with even more options.


Speaking of robots, JIBO will also be making an appearance at CES 2018. Called the “social robot,” JIBO has earned its name. With a lot of personality and a myriad of skills, we’re excited to try out JIBO for the first time at CES. Maybe he’ll even be able to teach us some new dance moves.

CES 2018GoPro Fusion

With VR filming capabilities and overcapture, the GoPro Fusion looks to be the most versatile GoPro camera to date. With control at your fingertips with the GoPro App, the camera company looks to once again revolutionize adventure and sports footage with the Fusion.


CES 2018Homebrewing has been an ever-growing hobby over the past few years. However, all of the equipment required can make the activity difficult to break into. Well, HOPii looks to make homebrewing much easier. They provide the machine, the instructions, and everything else you need to bring freshly brewed beer straight to your home.

Benjilock Mini

It’s no surprise that a product that found success on Shark Tank will be one of the most exciting pieces of tech at CES. In fact, our own winter cover star, Kevin O’Leary, backed the product. The Benjilock allows you to use just your fingertip to unlock it. At CES, Benjilock will introduce their Benjilock Mini, a smaller, more convenient version of the original.

Images Courtesy of Their Respective Manufactures

Author Bio: Alex Moersen is an Associate Editor for Innovation & Tech Today, covering pop culture, science and tech, sustainability, and more. Twitter: @yaboii_shanoo

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Products That We’re Most Excited to See At CES 2018

January 5, 2018
By Alex Moersen

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