Journalist’s Survival Guide To CES

Journalist’s Survival Guide To CES

CES 2017 is officially getting ready to kick off, and there will be no shortage of news, interviews, and interesting new technology to report on. However, this isn’t an event for an unprepared journalist. You need to be ready for anything, you’ve got to plan accordingly, and you’ll need some comfy shoes. That last one will make more sense once you read the article. Let’s take a look at everything you’ll need as you cover CES 2017.

Great Microphones

There are going to be some very big names at CES, such as keynote speakers Gary Shapiro and Kevin Plank. And if you’re able to interview some of these important people, you’ll want to make sure you have more than a thrift store tape recorder. Investing in some high quality recording equipment such as IK Multimedia’s iRig microphones will offer the quality and portability you need for any interview you conduct.

Portable Charging

If you’ve owned a smartphone for longer than an hour you know that they drain as much power as they do free time. And during an event where you will constantly need your mobile device to keep in contact, a portable device charger could save you tons of hassle.

Comfortable Shoes

Considering the conference spans across three different locations, you’re going to be moving around quite a bit. And, as we’ve all learned from that time you tried going hiking in a pair of dollar store flip flops (I can’t be the only one, right?), investing in high quality, comfortable footwear can make all the difference.

A Ride Sharing App

While you’re definitely going to do a lot of running around, you can save plenty of time and energy by utilizing ridesharing applications such as Lyft and Uber. Even if you believe you can get anywhere you need on foot, a ridesharing app is worth a download just in case. Additionally, Lyft is an official transportation sponsor for the CES Smart City Happy Hour, and is offering free credit as part of the promotion.

A Mobile Map

Like I said, this isn’t a high school gymnasium you’ll be conducting interviews in, CES is held in a giant space you’ll need to traverse. And, like any adventurer, you’ll need every tool available in order to complete your mission. Luckily, the CES website offers a downloadable map you can easily add to your mobile device.

Adequate Rest

Yes, I know the event is held in Las Vegas, a city which is basically the antonym of a good night’s sleep. However, keep in mind that you’re here to work, and you’ve got some long days ahead of you. Set a decent bedtime, stay hydrated, and do everything in your power to avoid the video roulette game next to the elevator.

Do you have any special memories of CES from the past fifty years? Share them on social media using the hashtag #MyCES50 for the chance to win some exciting prizes!

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