June 20, 2024

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3 Technologies Expected to Innovate Online Gambling

The online gambling industry has witnessed tremendous development and innovation over the past two decades. These technological advancements not only enhance the enjoyment-quotient of the customers, but also significantly increase the security aspect of these platforms. Not to forget how these innovations are helping a great multitude of casino players indulge in their favorite pastime, on the go, through mobile gaming.

If you’re a Canadian resident, there are several new online casinos in Canada that are offering these technological improvements. Let’s now acquaint you with some of the latest technologies that are expected to usher in and drive the online casino industry of tomorrow.

Improved AR and VR

There is one common theme in augmented reality and virtual reality – both change the way you perceive your surroundings. While VR goggles place you into an entirely new gaming world, immersing you into completely different surroundings, AR goggles are meant to enhance your video gaming experience. While online casino software providers have been experimenting with these technologies for quite some time now, there are very few platforms that support AR and VR right now. But that is going to change.

People are already acquainted with these technologies, some even using them consistently for watching films and playing video games. Any online casino that equips itself with VR can expect to draw a large number of customers. Going forward, you can expect plenty of competition between platforms equipped with these technologies.

A Rise in the Use of Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology, which became a household name with the popularity of cryptocurrency, has expanded far and beyond the Bitcoin domain. Today, the blockchain is actively changing our world in many different ways.

It is blockchain technology that enables the transfer of cryptocurrency in a peer-to-peer network, while also functioning as a ledger for Bitcoin transactions. Online casinos have been working pretty hard to understand and implement this technology on their platforms. The majority of the top gambling portals of today support Bitcoin as well as other cryptocurrency payments. Although crypto payments are expected to stabilize going forward, you can expect increased focus on the blockchain technology.

As it offers benefits like ease of usage, tight security, fast transactions, and more,  blockchain technology is being applied in every possible way in online casinos. On the whole, it will help them cut costs and increase security of their portals.

Improved Mobile Gaming

More than four billion people across the world already own smart phones. At least a few million of those are expected to indulge in casino gaming on these devices, and some already have. Online casinos have realized the immense potential of mobile gaming and are aggressively improving their services for the mobile platforms.

A large majority of reputed online casinos offer mobile versions of their platforms and/or offer their casino apps too. Improving the performance of the mobile browser versions can help them penetrate deeper into the market as apps can often consume a lot of space on the device, which is obviously undesirable. We will see the online casino industry continue to invest into this nascent market going forward.

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