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This Wearable Security Device is a Game-Changer

In a place which once seemed like new terrain ruled by the likes of Occulus and Fitbit, the land of wearable tech now appears all too easy to get lost in. If you were at CES last month, you know exactly what we mean. There wasn’t a shortage of new wearable technology as we strolled down the long aisles of Sands Hall. However, amongst the plethora of amazing wearable gadgets, there was one wearable safety device that caught our eye, and that’s Occly.

Equipped with four cameras (nearly 360-degree capture), a mic, gps tracking, LED lighting, a panic alarm, and a 24/7 emergency response team. Occly is a wearable gadget that provides all around personal safety that can be clipped anywhere on your clothing or clipped to an accessory. Amazingly enough, the device also works as a home security system through its HomeWatch feature, which uses sound and motion detection technology to guard your home’s entryway. It also has a connected app that includes features which use crowdsourced information to notify the user of possible dangers or crime in the area.

Unlike many other wearable personal safety devices on the market, Occly is designed to be a visual deterrent to help combat crime before it happens. Imagine a burglar with the intentions of robbing a house that changes his mind upon seeing a “Protected by ADT” sign outside of it; in that same fashion, Occly’s design dissuades potential perpetrators from doing harm. And in the event that something does happen, Occly is able to get help to the right place as soon as possible, while recording evidence of any incidence.

This device is great for bikers and runners because of its impact detection technology. If one should get struck by a vehicle, the alarm would trigger automatically. The great thing about Occly is that the cameras are always recording and like a panic button on steroids, once pressed or triggered, your data is transferred immediately to the cloud. During the alarm, a notification is sent to a personal contact list, or for added assurance, the alarms can also be sent to a 24/7 response team who will immediately assess the situation and send first responders to the location.

Occly also appeals to parents who need gps tracking for their children, or to the mature adult population as a better alternative to most personal emergency response systems (PERS), and for those who work in environments in which they may feel unsafe i.e. realtor safety, courier safety, driver safety.

Occly is set to make it’s debut this spring, however you can reserve yours now at a discounted rate on the Occly website.

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February 22, 2017
By I&T Today

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