Microsoft Paint 3D Brings A Huge Update to the Original App

Microsoft Paint 3D Brings A Huge Update to the Original App


Did you ever open up Microsoft Paint, draw the ugliest squiggle ever, then fill in the pieces with all the colors of the rainbow? Or do you use Microsoft Paint to help crop down your Youtube screenshots? Well, with Microsoft’s recent update, Microsoft Paint 3D will allow you to create 3D images, convert 2D images to 3D, and even export and 3D print your own designs.

Photo by Open Knowledge Foundation Deutschland

Photo by Open Knowledge Foundation Deutschland

This new update doesn’t stop there. Microsoft has also unveiled Paint 3D’s online community, where artists are encouraged to share their art and establish communication with other artists. The setup of 3D Paint is similar to the original app, so it doesn’t over-complicate the process for users with little 3D design experience. Microsoft hopes that users will be able to use the HoloLens to bring their doodles to life.

This is just the latest in technology that encourages users to create and customize their own products. Microsoft is not the only company hoping to introduce this 3D printing tech to the public sector. Digital Forming, whose focus is bringing 3D printing into the online retail environment, has also stepped up the 3D software and printing game. In September of this year, Digital Forming teamed up with Lowe’s in order to give customers the opportunity to select, customize, and purchase furniture through 3D printing software. The company will be debuting the software at CES Las Vegas 2017, which will allow customers to place an online order on their preferred items and further customize the item to match their individual tastes and needs.


Photo by Mirko Tobias Schäfer

Public access to this software, as well as the software being adapted to be utilized on mobile devices, gives regular consumers a chance to create their own items on the go, in the office, at home, etc. In doing so, individuals can create their own prosthesis, inventions, sculptures, toys, etc. 3D printing programs have already been established to start teaching children how to design their own toys and in some cases, even children’s prostheses. As this software becomes readily available and affordable, regular, everyday people will soon be able to show off their amazing ideas.

Featured photo by simonvanoldenbeek

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