March 4, 2024

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Don't give up on your SEO. These tips can help! Image courtesy of Pixabay.
Don't give up on your SEO. These tips can help! Image courtesy of Pixabay.

Giving Up on Your SEO? Try These 3 Link Building Strategies Instead

It can be very frustrating to invest a decent amount of time and money into your SEO campaign only to suffer an underwhelming response to your efforts.

There is no need to abandon what is such an important part of your online marketing efforts and there are some alternative link building strategies that might yield a better response.

Using the services of one of the best digital marketing agencies in Bangalore could prove to be a winning move to get your link building ambitions back on track and here are some suggestions to consider as well.

Expand Your Link Building Opportunities

There is the possibility that you are not making the most of your opportunities to develop some links because you are taking too narrow a view of the departmental activities within your organization.

What this means is that you will be liaising with external companies and organizations and sharing content across a number of different sites which opens up the possibility of creating more discussions about projects, more social media activity, and more links back to your website.

A New Angle on Guest Blogging

There is nothing new about the tactic of using guest blogging as a tactic for building links but there is another way to approach what is still a successful strategy if you can get the exposure.

Avoid the sites that are actually looking for guest posts and focus your efforts on pitching to sites that are within your niche, even if they are not advertising that they want guest post content.

Most websites are happy to accept a well-written and relevant post and that means you get more of a shot at getting published when there is less competition.

This arrangement is mutually beneficial and it is a good way of looking at guest blogging from a different angle.

Replacing a Broken Link

If you find a site that already has a relevant link it is worth checking whether it is still working or not.

Broken link building is a proven SEO strategy and it works because you are providing a solution that the host doesn’t really have to think too hard about before accepting. It is simple, you are offering to replace a broken link on their website with your own resource that is very similar to what was already there.

There is also a quick and easy way to find a list of everyone that is linking to a page that is now a dead resource.

All you have to do is paste the URL of the broken link into Ahref Site Explorer and it will return a helpful list of all the links that you could replace with your own content.

This strategy is a real no-brainer because you are providing a viable alternative to a broken link and you can search out where those broken links are by using the Best By Links report feature on the Ahref site.

These are just three ways to improve your SEO results and there is never any need to give up when things are not going to plan. Instead, you just need to take a different approach and find some new ways to get the results you want.

By Tom Brett

By Tom Brett

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