March 25, 2023

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Last Minute Gifts for the Fitness Lover in Your Life

2022. Never has an entire planet been warier about an upcoming year than 2022.  Remember how pumped we were for 2021, all the pressure we put on it to be new and better?

2021 was like Chicago Bears quarterback Justin Fields, the idea of him seemed great, shiny, new, and exciting. Then it became, well, you know, not so great. Let’s leave it at that.

While it’s understandable to approach 2022 with caution, one thing you can do is kick off the new year with new, healthy habits.

While we can’t help you get to that girls trip to Cabo you planned in 2020, we do have a gift guide to help you reach your health and fitness goals with the most innovative equipment available.

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Yea, rowing. But so much more than that thing in the corner of Play It Again Sports that your kids always jump on.

Hydrow offers a unique immersive workout experience through one-of-a-kind patented technology that captures everything from the sights and sounds to the synchronicity and camaraderie you could otherwise only experience in a boat. Without the sunburn and seagull poop.

Why Rowing? Hydrow’s highly immersive and effective full-body workouts engage 86% of the body’s major muscle groups, which is twice that of cycling or running. Don’t tell Peloton!

Hydrow offers more than 3,000 live and on-demand workouts led by world-class athletes and Olympians that transport users to breathtaking waterways around the world, with locales including London, Miami, Boston, and more.

In addition to rowing, Hydrow’s “On The Mat” workouts include yoga, pilates, strength training + more.

For $2,295 you can get your row on and into killer shape with Hydrow.

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MIRROR from Lululemon

MIRROR is the nearly invisible, interactive home gym that streams live, on-demand, and 1:1 personalized classes in a variety of workout genres for all levels from the comfort of your own home.  It’s the space-saving, interactive alternative to a lot of home gym equipment.

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MIRROR uses advanced technology to make your workout experience personalized and challenging, requiring very little space to seamlessly blend right in with home décor when not in use. Not sure how it blends in with a floor full of Legos and dog hair all over the place, but you get the idea.

  • Features include camera, real-time personalization programs, heart-rate tracking, competition, community, and personal training.
  • To level up any workout on the platform, MIRROR Weights are also newly available in two styles – dumbbells and ankle weights – using the Advanced Sensor Network to provide an intelligent and personalized workout experience for all levels.  

If you’re not quite ready to invest $1300 for their PRO package, but want to learn more about MIRROR before purchasing the actual hardware, you can get free access to their MIRROR companion app to try out its vast library of on-demand + live classes available from their own personal device.

From Dec. 30 to Jan. 17, anyone can download the app and sign-up for the All-Access MIRROR Challenge to complete 14 MIRROR classes in 14 days.  

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Fight Camp

A very simplistic explanation of Fight Camp is an interactive boxing/kickboxing workout. Think Peloton for Boxing.

There are plenty of boxing at home apps that will take you through a good workout and help you stay in shape. Fight Camp has taken that idea and kicked it up a notch. It will leave you gasping for air, soaked with sweat, tired as hell, and full of endorphins.

What separates Fight Camp from the rest of the boxing app contenders is the interactive part or Punch Trackers.

The Punch Trackers fit into your quick wraps that fit around your hands and they track your punches. Here’s the deal, each round of working out, there is a punch count you have to reach within the three-minute round.  Unlike Peloton where you can ride your tail off to race up the leaderboard even when you’re supposed to be cooling down.

Even a little bit competitive, you can’t slack and have to give it the gas to reach your punch goal.  Each round offers a new set of punching routines and exercises, keeping things fresh and engaging.

In Fight Camp, you can’t just start beating the heck out of the bag to reach your goal, the punch trackers make you accountable for your actions. Yes, you have to hit 250 punches in three minutes, but when the instructor says it’s push-up and punch time, you can’t go off on the bag to increase your numbers. The trackers shut off and you have to do plank punches (another insane exercise.) Only when you are done with the exercise and Shanie Smash (my new crush) says “go” do the trackers do you start tracking again.

For about $1200 you can get everything you need to get into the ring with Fight Camp to kick and punch your way into a healthy new year.

By David Wallach

By David Wallach

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