June 17, 2024

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Is SMS Messaging Here To Stay?

SMS stands for Short Message Service. Most people call it a “text.” The first text was sent in 1992. Only ten years later, SMS had become the most widely used data application for messaging, and it looked like it was here to stay. However, no one knew that the smartphone was just around the corner.

Smartphones allowed communication to be conducted in various ways, such as instant messaging, email, and face-to-face video messaging. Despite the growth of other digital communication channels, SMS messaging has not only survived to the present day. It’s also remained one of the primary methods of modern-day communication. Why is SMS still such a popular choice, and will SMS be here in another ten or twenty years? Let’s find out.

SMS Enables Businesses to Keep Customers Informed and Engaged

SMS is a crucial tool for businesses. If a company wants to retain and broaden its client base, it needs to use a marketing strategy that communicates with potential customers and clients at every stage. For example, if someone has abandoned a shopping cart on your website, you can send out an SMS transaction alert. SMS is also a fantastic way to send out promotions and special offers.

Basically, with SMS messaging, businesses can deliver reliable and instant messages through effective sales channels. But for businesses to remain competitive, they have to adapt to new methods of selling and buying products or services, which is why many companies are integrating an API for sending SMS messages. An SMS Api allows companies to personalize their messaging channels and access deeper audience demographic analysis.

SMS Is a More Effective Marketing Strategy Than Email

SMS is a much more effective form of marketing than other communication channels like email. According to Text Marketer, in 2017, businesses sent out 74 trillion emails but only 8 trillion text messages. However, only 20% of emails were opened, whereas 98% of SMS messages were opened, showing that SMS is a much more effective communication method.

SMS is the Fastest and Most Effective Way to Reach People

When it comes to sending people digital written content, SMS is the most effective method. In terms of delivery time, SMS maintains the highest engagement rate, compared to things like OTT apps and emails. And SMS is simply able to get to more people. After all, you don’t need any pre-existing connections or have to sign up to third-party sites and accept friend requests to be able to communicate. And SMS is not reliant on high-speed internet, which means anyone is immediately reachable. All that’s required is a phone number.

The Future of SMS

At present, the new wireless standard 5G is being deployed around the world, which will provide faster internet speed, more capacity, and better wireless connections. But many people have feared it will affect the SMS messaging sector. That’s because the messaging standard in 5G is RCS, which stands for Rich Communication Service. Many feared that meant SMS wouldn’t exist in a 5G world, but the fears are unwarranted at the moment. 5G standards absolutely support SMS. However, it is true that the next generation of mobile operating messaging will be RCS, so it’s possible SMS will not last the course of time. But right now, SMS isn’t going anywhere.


Story by Ron Evan 

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