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In-Demand Tech Jobs that Don’t Require A Degree

College isn’t for everyone, and that’s okay because there are plenty of options you can explore with a high-school diploma or a certificate. Since the tech sector is clamoring for more high-quality job performers, they tend to overlook credentials if you have a great portfolio. The following in-demand tech jobs offer excellent salaries, benefits, and experience.

Technical Project Manager

A technical project manager is responsible for project planning and management for and within the company. You’ll ensure that projects are completed as specified and within a stringent budget and timeframe. Technical project managers are considered experts in the technology sphere and often train other members in their department. If this sounds like a good fit for you, start checking reviews of various PMP courses to find the one that suits you best.

Computer Programmer

Programmers work independently as part of an organization’s team to write code for apps, desktops, and equipment. You can either specialize in one coding language or be proficient in the most commonly used languages like C++ (C Plus Plus), Python, JavaScript, or C# (C Sharp). You don’t need a computer science degree to be a great programmer. There are plenty of coding workshops and websites that provide excellent training and experience. 

Web Developer

Web developers are responsible for the technical structure and visual style of websites. There are plenty of freelance web developers worldwide, most of whom are incredibly talented and started their journey taking online courses or modules. The experience-based nature of the role and industry demand means a degree isn’t a must. Instead, focus on creating a portfolio that shows off your talents for making creative and/or trendy websites. 

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Digital Marketer

Marketing is essential in all businesses to promote their products. Digital advertisements are beneficial to a company because the Internet has unlimited advertising space and pulls more eyes than a local billboard. On the job, you’ll use soft skills, communication skills, and analytic data to produce the best ad possible that will generate clicks and bring others to your company’s website. You should start learning traditional marketing skills before transitioning to the digital medium.

Cybersecurity Analyst

As long as something is on the Internet it can be vulnerable to cyber-attacks. To help prevent hackers from stealing data, cybersecurity analysts will learn the ins and outs of locating breaches, stopping breaches, and improving on security, so the breach doesn’t happen again. You will need to be competent in a coding language and some experience in locating security threats in networks. Still, some companies may train you if you only have coding experience.

Graphic Artist

Graphic artists or designers combine artwork and technology to create computer-driven works. While some designers still do work by hand, there is an increasing demand for artists that can produce corporate reports, advertisements, magazines, and brochures directly from the computer. Employers will often take a look at your portfolio even without a degree, so start freelancing your services to multiple companies for experience and samples.

Computer Support Specialist 

Many people have difficulty assessing problems with their computer, which is why the computer support specialist will always stay in demand. If you’re patient, helpful, and know how to troubleshoot tech issues by phone, you’ll excel in this position. Most companies will hire employees who have a customer service background first and foremost, but a good amount of technical knowledge will prove you’re an asset to a company.

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