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smarthome ThermaSol Kitchen Bath

How to Turn a Dumb House into a Smart, Sustainable Home

Spring is not just a time for cleaning out last year’s junk; it’s a time of revival, new life, and most importantly — new upgrades to the home. Out with the old, but also in with the new, as the cliche goes.

A good day starts with a good morning routine, which is why bathroom and kitchen tech are so important to health and wellness year-round. Starting your day off with a shower that mimics standing beneath a cleansing waterfall  — or a steam session that revitalizes the body and mind and shakes off the stresses of the previous day — helps you manifest a little calm before stepping out into the world. The fact that you can do all this while jamming out to your favorite morning hype song makes the prospect of upgrading your shower to an integrated smart system almost a necessity.

ThermaSol is at the forefront of shower tech and three of its new innovations in the space synthesize perfectly to create the best shower experience on the market.


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No ultimate shower experience is complete without a multi-sensory rainhead. The HydroVive by ThermaSol offers full-spectrum LED lighting, top-of-the-line speakers, and a rainhead with 300 neoprene jets that can be set between 40 and 80 psi. The speaker system is equipped with Bluetooth capability and sound settings that include volume, treble, mid-range, and bass. If that’s not enough, a stereo RCA input is included so you can hook your showerhead up to a receiver.

SteamVection Steamhead

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The benefits of steam therapy have been known for centuries. Steam showers are believed to help circulation, tone body tissues, alleviate pain, and relax nerves. Shower tech like ThermaSol’s SteamVection steamhead brings these benefits into the home so you can integrate steam therapy into your daily routine.

The SteamVection steamhead uses the science of convection to deliver floor-to-ceiling temperature uniformity throughout the shower space. This is a major upgrade to most steam showers which have a variable heat range. You can also take the therapy experience to the next level by adding essential oils to the steam. The whisper quiet system enables you to listen to a guided meditation or simply enjoy silence and steam together. Models are available in a circular or square design and ThermaSol offers 15 different finish options so the system complements any shower/bath aesthetic.


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This is the tech that brings everything together. The ThermaTouch voice or touch-activated pad manages all aspects of the smart shower and steam experience: lights, music, precision water and temperature control, and shower outlet selections. It also features an integrated app store with platforms including live TV, sports, news, music, health and wellness, and streaming, so you can be informed on the latest news before sitting down to eat breakfast. And in true innovative fashion, ThermaTouch has smart home assistant compatibility, allowing users to remotely control the smart shower with Alexa, HomeKit, or Google Assistant.

Smart Kitchen and Bath Picks

Icera iWash S-11

Icera photo

Icera’s latest addition to the iWash product line, the iWash S-11, enhances the functionality of a traditional toilet while featuring upgrades to its predecessors. The iWash has a tankless, instant ceramic water heating system and a slim profile at only 5 inches tall. Some of the most appealing highlights are its self-cleaning capability and energy-efficient LED nightlight for ultimate efficiency and convenience. Other features include an oscillating front and rear wash bidet spray, adjustable water temperature and pressure, and adjustable nozzle position.


Kohler Sensate Touchless Residential Bathroom Faucet 

Kohler photo

Touchless faucets are becoming a must-have for homeowners, paring convenience with sanitation — a high priority in a post-COVID world. Debuted at CES 2022, the Kohler Touchless Bathroom Faucet is the brand’s first offering in the category. The faucet operates by battery, has temperature control, and can be turned on and off with the wave of a hand. What makes Kohler’s faucet stand out is its vacation mode, ensuring the faucet won’t turn on during extended stays away. The sleek, yet rustic design offered in a variety of colors will fit into any home while still offering the best tech available.


Frigidaire Gallery 30’’ Freestanding Electric Range with Air Fry

Frigidaire photo

Air frying is the latest cooking trend due to its ease of use and health benefits compared to traditional frying. The Frigidaire Freestanding Electric Range with Air Fry combines a traditional convection oven with an air fryer. The result is an all-in-one appliance that pairs even multi-rack baking with a powerful convection fan and a third heating element that evenly circulates hot air throughout the oven. And, the 3,000W quick boil element and 30-minute light oven cleaning feature put in the top-of-line category for traditional ovens even without the addition of the air fryer.


GE Profile Ultrafresh System Dishwasher

GE photo

GE’s Microban Antimicrobial Technology in the new Ultra Fresh Dishwasher System makes this appliance a standout in its category. Microban technology keeps treated surfaces 99% cleaner than unprotected surfaces, and smart dishwasher algorithms introduce clean air and reduce moisture, refreshing the wash system to help prevent the growth of bacteria. Interior filters are also treated with Microban technology. GE has introduced Wi-Fi to its latest dishwasher, so owners can monitor performance, check status and automatically reorder detergent using a mobile device. With these features and many others, the Ultra Fresh Dishwasher is truly the definition of a smart appliance.


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