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Fieldsheer mobile warming heated clothing apparel
Fieldsheer is Leading the ‘Smart Apparel’ Revolution

Fieldsheer is Leading the ‘Smart Apparel’ Revolution

It’s a cold world out there. Well, not where I live in southeast Florida, but it’s very possible someone, somewhere, is experiencing temperatures below 80 degrees. For those farther away from the equator than I, hiking, biking, or a trip to the store can be challenging. From snow to black ice, or even the potential for frostbite if you’re the northern wilderness pioneer type, danger is always present.  

Fortunately, there are tires specifically designed for snow and ice to mitigate the dangers of extreme climates and satellite GPS devices to allay fears of being lost in the arctic circle. After all, humans are only as capable as the tools we invent to stave off the stark reality of nature. 

To this end, isn’t it time our clothes were outfitted with the same level of technology we put into everything else? 

Fieldsheer is driving the “smart clothing” movement, offering temperature-controlled apparel to keep outdoor enthusiasts warm in even the most treacherous conditions.

Forged in Fire

Founded during World War I, Fieldsheer produced backpacks for the British Army. In the 60s and 70s, the company established itself as a strong brand by providing motorcyclists with long-lasting, weather-resistant gear for the open road. 

In the early 2000s, engineers at Fieldsheer discovered how to plug the bike’s electric system into wired, heated clothing. Bikers could now plug in their jackets like a phone charger, providing much-needed protection against the elements. 

Featured: Fieldsheer’s Dual-Powered Heated Jacket

Building on the concept, engineers at the company then perfected a dual-power system that incorporates battery packs and a stationary power source such as a motorcycle or car.

In the last few years, Fieldsheer has taken the outdoor adventure clothing space by storm with its latest iteration of unique and innovative heated apparel. 

When batteries became more compact and simultaneously more powerful, the modern iteration of Fieldsheer’s Mobile Warming clothing range was born. 

Fieldsheer’s Mobile Warming apparel can be controlled on an app via Bluetooth.

“Lithium-ion batteries are in everything now, so we were able to make a battery that’s smaller than an iPhone that can power a jacket for up to 10 hours,” said Patrick Deighan, director of e-commerce and marketing at Fildsheer. “The technology advancements have really made this product portable.” 

Portable, mobile warming is now at the heart of Fieldsheer’s marketing. The company offers everything from powered jackets, to vests, pants, gloves, and socks. 

Each garment contains a pouch where a battery can be placed. A USB connector and wire distribute heat to a microfiber pad, and a fine copper element behind a mesh lining. Jackets and vests have three individual heating pad zones. 

Power and heat settings are changed through a Bluetooth app, or an integrated touch control button. 

“You don’t always want to be unzipping your jacket to get to the button. So in those instances, the Bluetooth is super convenient,” said Deighan. “We’re not just an apparel company, we’re also a technology company.”

Fieldsheer’s Partnership with King’s Camo

In August, Fieldsheer announced a partnership with King’s Camo, a designer and manufacturer of terrain-specific camouflage apparel and accessories.

Mobile Cooling gear can keep the wearer up to 10 degrees cooler.

Along with its mobile heating range, Fieldsheer offers Mobile Cooling. This clothing line that can keep the wearer up to 10 degrees cooler by wicking away heat and sweat. 

Per the partnership, Fieldsheer will be incorporating King’s Camo patterns into both its Mobile Warming and Mobile Cooling lines. Fieldsheer will begin by integrating King’s Camo patterns into its Mobile Cooling line in spring 2023. Mobile Warming will follow later in fall 2023.

Fieldsheer will make the biggest splash with KC Ultra, one of King’s Camo’s newest patterns. KC Ultra is built with the perfect blend of colors and shapes. By imitating naturally occurring elements found in the field, KC Ultra has become one of the company’s most disruptive patterns. Whether hunting early season or mid-winter, the versatility of KC Ultra keeps users hidden from even the sharpest eyes.

The KC Ultra pattern will be incorporated into Mobile Warming’s Men’s Heated Hooded Jacket, Men’s Heated Vest, and Heated Hand Warmer. The first in the Mobile Cooling line to use it will be the Men’s Long Sleeve Shirt, Men’s Long Sleeve Hoodie, and Neck Gaiter.

Fieldsheer will also be using another of King’s Camo’s newest patterns, KC Ultra Aqua. The company is currently evaluating which products will be the first to incorporate this additional pattern.

According to Deighan, the King’s Camo patterns make the apparel lines appealing to hunters, an important niche market for Fieldsheer.

“Customers who purchase our clothing tell us how much they love it out in the field,” he said. “Whether it’s Mobile Warming for sitting in a duck blind on a cold winter morning or Mobile Cooling for fishing on a warm afternoon, our products have kept hunters and anglers comfortable for years.

“The addition of the King’s Camo patterns makes our Fieldsheer products even more functional and allows people to fully enjoy their outdoor pursuits.”

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