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How Modern Gate Openers Use Technology to Keep People and Vehicles Safe

Safety should not be overlooked in any context, especially on business premises where it’s vital to protect employees, visitors, and valuable equipment from the various threats they face.

This is where cutting-edge gate opening tech comes into play, creating an outer perimeter for commercial sites that is convenient to use as well as secure.

To understand the advantages the latest systems offer, let’s look at the features and functions they bring to the table.

Sophisticated Access Control Methods

Today, a lot of attention is paid to the topic of data protection and cybersecurity. This is all well and good, but unless you’re also abreast of the dangers facing your business in terms of physical access controls, you could be making unnecessary compromises.

This is where the latest commercial gate openers from the likes of AllSecurityEquipment come into play. The sophistication comes in the form of automation, with smart monitoring and management letting you orchestrate site access without needing to dedicate additional resources to this.

For example, you want to allow the right people and vehicles onto your premises, without worrying that they might be at risk of injury or damage due to shoddy manual access controls, or archaic electronic alternatives.

With sensors that can detect the exact position of people and vehicles, gate operation will never result in unintended collisions.

Then there’s the ability to use advanced access control techniques, such as biometrics scanning, to ensure that only those with legitimate reasons to gain entry to your premises are able to do so.

Resilient Power Options

Another aspect of modern gate openers that’s worth mentioning is their ability to draw power from a number of different sources, allowing for a degree of redundancy should disaster strike.

For example, while you could stick with a standard hard-wired setup, it’s also possible to implement a backup battery solution, or even a solar-powered access configuration, so that if one supply is disrupted, another can kick in seamlessly.

This is useful for situations in which you not only need to allow access to your premises but also facilitate swift and safe exiting from it, such as in the event of a fire. You don’t want employees put at risk because they cannot open a gate which has had the power to it disrupted, so these new and improved solutions overcome this concern.

Unquestioned Reliability

The integration of more advanced technologies with gate openers means that we now have a lot more data available regarding their operations. This in turn has allowed manufacturers to produce systems that are more reliable and easier to maintain than ever before.

For example, let’s say that your gates are opened a thousand times a week. This would put them on a very different maintenance schedule to a setup that is only used a hundred times a week. Rather than needing to use guesswork, exact operational parameters can be monitored, and recommendations regarding maintenance can be relayed to business owners.

Monitoring also extends to real-time error reporting, so that if an unexpected issue arises within a gate opener, you don’t need to delay troubleshooting it, or have to wonder which component has failed.

Final Thoughts

If you are still making do with an outdated gate opener, or you don’t have any kind of system in place to handle site access at your business, then now is the time to make the leap to a modern setup.

There are costs involved, but they’ll be easily outweighed by the advantages you gain through implementing the latest gate opener technology.

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