May 26, 2024

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Photos courtesy of Apple

Do I really need an Apple Watch Series 7?

And now for a little name-dropping.

After spending the day riding my Super73 e-bike I was sitting under my new Toja Grid, with a friend listening to music on my Definitive Technology speakers, connected to my Apple iPad Mini, drinking an excellent Old Fashioned from my Bartisian robot bartender, when my buddy asks me, “Hey do you really need your Apple Watch?”

I looked at him hit pause on my Apple Watch Series 7, which sent a signal to my Ipad Mini, looked up and said “yes.”

He took a sip of his Jefferson’s Ocean Bourbon, looked at me, and asked “why?”

I was vibing to the song that was playing, so instead of hitting pause on my Apple Watch Series 7, I adjusted the volume, and my iPad Mini, sent a signal, to my Denon receiver to lower the sound so I could answer.

Unless you have a medical condition that requires advanced technology to keep you alive, nobody “needs” any cool piece of tech. Maybe with the exception of the Normatec 2.0 dynamic air compression system, not sure how I would survive my post Forme Interactive workouts without them?

Photos courtesy of Apple

Point is, I don’t need my new Apple Watch Series 7 or iPad Mini, but they do make my insanely hectic life much easier, organized, and healthy.

The watch — Having recently joined the presbyopia community, the large screen makes information much easier to see and interact with.  The screen is about 50% larger than the Series 3.

Speaking of being able to see.  Unlike other watches, the Always-On Retina display gives you brighter view of the information and data on the watch.

You don’t need to raise your wrist or touch the screen to see the time or other information and complications on your watch face, because the display is always on, and it’s 70% brighter indoors when your wrist is down.

There have been complaints across the board, that most high-tech watches look great, but aren’t very sturdy.  Apple has stepped up its game and the Series 7 is the most durable Apple watch ever built.  They claim it is crack resistant with the strongest front crystal ever offered on an Apple Watch, also dust and water-resistant, giving you more options to use it on the go.

A recent impromptu crash test reinforced the strength of the new Series 7 watch.  While test driving the Evolv Tour XL electric scooter, a beige minivan (who drives a beige minivan) zoomed in front of me, turned to cut me off, and then for some reason stopped in the middle of the street.

Photos courtesy of Apple

Note #1 – the brakes on the Evolv Tour XL electric scooter are top-notch. I came to a complete stop, or the board did. I in fact flew through the air, smashing into the beige minivan, bouncing off and crashing into the ground.

Note #2 – Not only did the Apple Watch survive the hit, but as I lay there in pain, the Crash Detection feature on the watch triggered, vibrating to ask me if I needed help.

Beyond saving your life, It has dozens of health and fitness options to track everything from your steps to your daily schedule.

The Apple Wallet option isn’t just for money, you can use it to unlock your door, start your car, board your plane, and of course, pay for just about anything. What’s nice, is it’s all in one location.

The iPad Mini – I am not an iPad guy, never understood why I would “need” one? If I have my very old MacBook Pro and an old iPhone, an iPad seems like an additional thing to take care of and charge.

That being said, when Apple asked if I wanted to test out the new iPad Mini, I thought why not? If I  was going to try it, I was going to go all in, making sure I utilized it whenever I could.

David Wallach photo

Using the Ipad Mini is like the first time I worked out with Manduu electro muscle stimulation. Once you do it, you realize how much you have been missing.

Love my old phone, love my old MacBook Pro, they are old reliable friends. The iPad Mini, changed my daily game.  Not only does it interact seamlessly with my watch, but it bridges the gap between my phone and computer.

It’s small enough to take pretty much anywhere and does everything I need it to do from, writing a review, to listening to music, graphic design, streaming The Boys, editing a podcast, gaming, taking pics. and a whole lot more.

The new A15 Bionic chip makes iPad mini just as powerful as it is portable. Whether you’re tearing through your inbox or editing photos with Photoshop, it has the power to do it all. Use advanced apps, capture brilliant content, and bring your creative projects to life, anywhere.

On a very hot Mother’s Day, my nine-year-old assistant and I took on the challenge of building our Toja Grid pergola for the mother of the day.  My assistant used the iPad Mini to keep the music playing, help me follow the step-by-step video, take pictures, order lunch and play video games, because you know he’s nine and that’s about at the peak of helpful.

That being said, fast wireless connections are critical to getting things done. With Wi‑Fi 6 now on iPad mini, we didn’t have any connection problems or glitches as we listened to the Encanto soundtrack for the 10,000,000,000th time.

Saw dust flying, super-hot sun, knocked around a few times by a stray 4×6 and the iPad Mini kept on going.

It’s a lot of power in a little package and the all-day battery life, is a big bonus! It is always ready for any task or project, road trip, rainy day, we never ran the battery down to zero, while using it.

David Wallach photo

It is compatible with the Apple Pencil and attaches magnetically to the side of iPad mini, so it’s always with you and ready for a spur-of-the-moment sketch or spontaneous brainstorming session or playing Hangman. 

The 8.3-inch Liquid Retina display features True Tone, P3 wide color, and ultralow reflectivity, making text sharp and colors vivid, as we followed along to the step-by-step video in the sunshine, we never lost what we were watching.

My assistant utilized the Wide camera on the back of iPad mini that features a 12MP sensor with Focus Pixels and a large aperture to capture sharp, vivid photos. And the new ISP in the A15 Bionic chip enables Smart HDR 3, for capturing even higher-quality images. 

The back camera also has a True Tone flash, so you can take great photos in any light, or scan documents and then mark them up. And iPad mini can now record in 4k, making it your mobile movie studio.

And on and on.

As I reached to grab another cold Crafthouse Cocktail from my Gladiator Beverage Center, I looked over to my friend and said “no, I don’t need my Apple Watch Series 7 or my iPad Mini, but I am really glad I have them.”

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By David Wallach

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