June 16, 2024

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5 Technologies Revolutionizing the Hospitality Industry

You just wrapped up a long, exhausting day away from home. You walk into your hotel room, sit on your bed, and promptly fall asleep. Now, let’s take a step back and see how much technology it took to get you to that bed. You used your hotel card to swipe in, and maybe you ordered room service or changed the channel on the TV in your room via your smartphone. After changing the channel, you keep your phone open to check out social media for the night before peacefully closing your eyes for another day.

The point is: Technology is everywhere, even in your hotel room! The hospitality industry has embraced innovation by creating new tech hubs for business professionals and families alike. Whether it’s mobile booking or ordering room service, so many opportunities have arisen to take the industry to new heights. Some of these technologies include the following.

1. Mobile Access with Apps

You, the ever-present tech consumer, understand the value of having technology at your fingertips. You can now book your room, check in, order room service, change the TV channel, and even ask what’s playing, all on your phone. Hotels especially have realized that the more personalized you make the guest experience, the better chance they have of staying at your business many times over in the future.

An industry that has always seemed one-dimensional has become one of the most adaptable with regards to technological advancements.

2. Augmented Reality

Our society is becoming more in-tune with the possibilities of augmented reality. Blending interactive digital elements into real-world environments, you can see what rooms look like before you book, take a look at what the weather will actually be that season, and you can even go on quests around the area you are traveling in. As the world gets used to more games like Pokemon Go and the upcoming Harry Potter AR game, the hospitality industry is taking those same steps to getting you, the tech-focused consumer, to step up to their own games as well.

3. Workflow Management

Without great management systems, customers would be running around with no guidance. The industry has recognized that and implemented software to help make hotel stays more enjoyable. One of the most significant benefits of updated workflow management systems is an increase in customer satisfaction. Systems that can help automate responses to customer questions even more quickly will equip hotel employees with enough resources to share some “wow” moments with their guests. These can vary from invoice questions to what food someone ordered for room service. The quicker you can get a solution for your situation, the happier you will be with your hotel experience.

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4. Stronger Connection

As the internet continues to increase its footprint on everything around us, its importance inside and out is becoming more prevalent. People are becoming more reliant on mobile technology, so having Wi-Fi is imperative for a business, especially a hotel, to survive. When you go to a hotel without a strong Wi-Fi connection, you almost feel like you are not “connected” to the brand. It is vital to your daily routine, and they are heavily noticing it.

Next time you are at a hotel or other business in the hospitality industry, notice the many ways you can reach their Customer Service Representatives to get your questions answered. You may notice that it is becoming easier for them to be answered, as the key may lie within your technological expertise.

5. Projecting Future Crowds

As businesses are becoming more aware of internet marketing practices to organically reach more individuals, they are using analytics tools from Google, Bing, etc. If you were headed to a hotel by an amusement park, take a look at that park’s busiest times to conclude whether you want to go on a busy weekend with tons of people or during slower times. (Tip: Many amusement parks now offer apps to help guide you along your day, provide showtimes, and even ride wait times.)

By understanding the peaks and lows of travel season in a specific area, you can use technology to your advantage to maximize the most out of your next trip.

Use Technology to Enhance Your Knowledge

Many people still do not understand the power of technology to take their daily lives to the next level. The most successful brands within the hospitality industry have worked hard to create a comforting atmosphere their guests will look forward to visiting again and again.

By personalizing your experiences individually, they are building lifelong brand loyalty and an atmosphere of continual growth that tech people like yourselves crave to see.

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By Kayla Matthews

Kayla Matthews is a technology guru who writes about everything in the industry from gadgets to newsworthy tech events. You can see her work on sites like MakeUseOf, Tech.Co, The Next Web, Productivity Bytes, and more!

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