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What You Need to Know About Home Energy Monitors

While transitioning to renewable energy sources is a must, in the meantime, it’s vital to think about how much energy we use on a daily basis. With electricity in the home, it is difficult to know how much each room, or even each appliance, is using. One of the ways that we can keep track of our electricity is to buy a home energy monitor. Not only will it help you save money you are spending on your bills, it will make your home more sustainable.

How Energy Monitors Work

An energy monitor is something you install in your home to help keep track of the amount of power you are using. A sensor unit clips onto a power cable and connects to your electricity meter. It monitors the energy in the cable to measure how much power you are using. A transmitter then sends that information wirelessly to your smartphone or a computer. Here you can take a look at the stats of how much electricity you’re using in the home, on any device. It is also possible to get additional plug-in monitors for measuring the electricity used by individual appliances that plug into the wall.

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Using a Home Energy Monitor

After you have installed the monitor, you should go around your home and switch off everything you can. Walk around each room while holding your device and switch back on your appliances as you go. If the model has a battery-powered hand-held unit you will be able to view it wherever you are in the home. Some models will transmit this information in just a couple of seconds. This is a great way to find out what appliances or rooms are costing you the most according to MoneyPug, an energy comparison site. This can really show you where you’re at. It is key to monitor the process all the way through. It is key to monitor how much you are using on a daily basis and work to decrease it day-by-day. Slipping into expensive habits is not good for your household energy costs.

Why Save?

It is important to save energy for myriad reasons. These include not only saving you a lot of money over time, but it is also a great way to reduce your carbon emissions and do your part to live more sustainably.  When you see the results, it’ll be easier to understand your usage and where you can reduce. Using an energy monitor will help you save anywhere from five to 15 percent of your overall energy costs in just a year. This really adds up over time. While the monitor itself can’t save you money, the best ones show what you need to do to save.

Finding the Right Energy Monitor

Some energy monitors are better than others, depending on the features and method of measurement. For example, the best energy monitors will tell you what rooms are using the most energy and even what appliances are using energy when they shouldn’t be. Furthermore, your home energy monitor should measure power in watts, not volt-amps. Watts are the actual measurement for energy and the monitors that use them are the most accurate. Pay attention to what the energy monitor can do and how it functions.

Start Using It

When you install the monitor, it is important check it consistently. When you take the time to keep track of your home’s energy use daily, or even weekly, you will be able to decrease the amount of electricity you use and do your part to live more reasonably, within your means, and sustainably. It’s all about how you use the monitor. Take the power you use and think about ways you can move forward. As we trudge into the future, it is imperative to do our part. When we take steps to be more conscious, we will all be better off for it.

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