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By David Wallach

Give the Gift of a Brand Spanking New Ford Bronco

If you’re one of the 125,000 people who ordered the new Ford Bronco in 2021 then you are painfully aware that delivery times continue to get pushed back to as late as 2023, depending on make and model.

The release of the Bronco re-dux had Ford fans at their keyboards, ready to order up their new ride back in September of 2020. Alas, many are still at their keyboards waiting for the “golden ticket e-mail” with a delivery date.

Wait no more, we have the perfect gift idea for the Bronco enthusiast on your list and yes, they are in stock and ready for you to drive. Kind of.

Traxxas and Ford teamed up to create a realistic RC version of the Ford Bronco four-door.

Traxxas photo

If you’re into RC, then you are familiar with the replica cars and trucks that Traxxas partners with and then creates, the new Bronco is no exception.

Traxxas captured the eagerly-anticipated Bronco in exacting detail with all the capability and versatility of the award-winning TRX-4. The Traxxas Bronco combines Ford-approved realism and class-leading performance for exciting off-road adventure no matter where the trail takes you.

It’s more than cute cars for kids. A 2010 Hobby Manufacturers report showed the RC (remote control) industry had grown to just over 2.5-billion-dollar industry globally and no signs of a downslide.  Covid has only helped increase those numbers, with people eagerly looking for things to do outside and away from people.

Traxxas photo

“It’s an escape and kind of a fantasy at the same time.  RC is something that can be enjoyed individually or with family or with friends at a safe distance.  You can take your vehicles to the backyard, around the neighborhood, a local park. It’s something that can be done individually and with a small group while remaining a safe distance away from each other.” Says Damron Atkins, marketing manager for Traxxas.

More than that, the TRX4-Bronco was built to have fun. It’s built to climb, crawl, bash, and off-road like it’s more expensive “big brother.” 

At $550 the Traxxas TRX4-Bronco is much more affordable, is actually in stock, and yes, Bronco fans, it comes with a hardtop ( you have to be a Bronco person to get that one).

It’s high tech, built tough, and looks cool, too.

Check out the Traxxas website for all of the specs. The Traxxas Bronco. Giddy Up.

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Give the Gift of a Brand Spanking New Ford Bronco

December 1, 2021
By David Wallach

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