June 17, 2024

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Gear Up for Spring 2024: The Best New Gadgets You Need This Season

As spring arrives, so does a fresh wave of tech gadgets to make life more fun and convenient. From stylish sunglasses to smart home devices that make life easier, we’ve got you covered. So, let’s dive into some new spring tech! 

For the Adventure Seekers

DUSK Eyewear

Dusk is premium wayfarer-style smart sunglasses with electrochromic lenses. These lenses allow you to instantly select the tint level you want. Simply tap the side of the frame to adjust between four preset tint levels, or use the Ampere app to set the tint level you want. Dusk also has hidden built-in speakers in both arms that provide crystal clear audio and an integrated microphone that allows you to make phone calls and listen to music. Dusk is voice assistant-enabled for both Apple and Android devices so you can stay hands-free. Dusk also comes in a version without any audio built-in- Dusk Lite.

  • Dusk: $299
  • Dusk Lite: $199


The X-TERRA PRO was engineered to be easily operated while still providing the technical edge Minelab is known for. And that advanced simplicity begins with preset Search Modes that instantly operate on frequencies best suited for specific environments, including parks, fields, and beaches. Each of those terrains offers two unique settings within to further accommodate specifically what’s under your feet. And when it’s time to take control of your detecting destiny, Minelab’s exclusive PRO-SWITCH technology turns over the reins so you can switch frequencies from 5, 8, 10, and 15 kHz and detect even deeper.

The X-TERRA PRO’s large backlit LCD screen displays easily identified icons for each Search Mode. Moreover, the screen reveals other important intelligence like signal strength, frequency, battery power, volume, and more. More seasoned hunters can refine settings quickly and easily, too. Enjoy the crystal-clear audio with an in-built speaker (included) or lightning-fast low latency wireless headphones, wired headphones, and waterproof headphones – all compatible and available Minelab accessories. $299.99

Hookset Sunglass with ChromaPop Glass Polarchromic Lenses from Smith

The new Hookset sunglass from Smith features lightweight and durable Evolve bio-based frame material with a wraparound fit for full coverage on and off the water. The frames include strategic lower chamfers, allowing perspiration and moisture to move away from the lens and minimize fogging. The Hookset is available exclusively with ChromaPop lens technology, including the brand new ChromaPop Glass PolarChromic lenses (as shown), merging top-tier eyewear technologies – polarized glass, photochromic adaptability, and color-enhancing ChromaPop lenses – never before available in the market. Highly scratch-resistant, incredible optical clarity and tint-adjusting technology reduce every angler’s adversary: glare. The addition of smudge and moisture-resistant coatings offers easy cleaning and clear vision, and megol temple and nose pads offer a non-slip grip. For added reassurance, the included PivLock leash retainer seamlessly attaches to the frames to keep them safe when releasing a fish or peering over the side of a boat. $295

The Barnes from The James Brand

From The James Brand – purveyors of modern, minimal everyday carry items – The Barnes is the brand’s best-selling integral knife with an incredibly smooth action. The classic tactical knife features a titanium frame lock construction machined from a solid billet of 6AL4V titanium -which means fewer parts and less maintenance – and a sharpened 3.5” Bohler M390 steel blade, widely regarded as the singular best blade steel available. The blade runs on a stainless steel pivot and ceramic bearings, and the clip is CNC-machined titanium as well. Includes a paracord lanyard for easy carrying. Since the adage states it’s bad luck to give a knife as a gift without exchanging a coin, The Barnes includes a custom arrowhead-emblazoned coin in the packaging for swapping to ward off any negativity. $649- $699

For the Garden Gurus

Plant & Flower Smart Sensor

A game-changer in plant care. These advanced sensors offer real-time monitoring of your plant’s health, delivering comprehensive data directly to your mobile phone. Stay updated on critical metrics such as water level, soil fertility, temperature, and light exposure, ensuring your plants thrive in their optimal environment.

Access detailed reports on your plant’s history, allowing you to track its growth and health over time. Our intuitive Plant Library provides personalized insights into your specific plant’s ideal conditions, empowering you to make informed decisions for its well-being. What sets us apart? No subscription fees or recurring payments – ever! Experience the future of plant care with our Plant & Flower Smart Sensors, where technology seamlessly integrates with nature for a flourishing, hassle-free gardening experience.

  • 1 pc. – $109.90
  • 2 pcs. – $214.90
  • 3 pcs. – $324.90
  • 4 pcs. – $434.90
  • 5 pcs. – $544.90

Dokoo Smart Bird Feeder

Introducing the Dokoo Smart Bird Feeder – the epitome of innovation in the realm of smart home technology. Unveiling a myriad of cutting-edge features, this device stands out in its league. Powered by AI, it boasts the ability to identify over 12,000 species of birds, providing enthusiasts with an unparalleled experience in birdwatching. Equipped with a 2K high-resolution camera and enhanced night vision, every detail is captured in stunning clarity, even under low-light conditions. Designed for durability and functionality, the feeder sports a generous 2-liter capacity and an IP66 weatherproof rating, ensuring its resilience against the elements. Moreover, with an extended response range and stable signal transmission, you can rest assured of uninterrupted connectivity. $109

PLANTSIO Ivy Smart Flowerpots

Introducing the PLANTSIO Ivy Smart Flowerpots – your new gardening buddies for endless fun! 🌱 These smart flowerpots bring a whole new level of joy to plant care. Imagine a pot that waters your plants just right by keeping an eye on the soil moisture and even throws in some cool LED lighting for optimal growth! With their sleek design, these spring tech pots not only spruce up your indoor or outdoor space but also turn your plant care routine into a delightful experience. Say hello to hassle-free gardening with a touch of tech magic. Check out the PLANTSIO Ivy Smart Flowerpots at the link and get ready to make your plants happy! $79

Rachio 3 Smart Sprinkler Controller

Effortlessly manage your in-ground irrigation system using the Rachio 3 Smart Sprinkler Controller and the user-friendly Rachio App all without recurring monthly charges. This smart system ensures your lawn stays lush while reducing your water expenses. It seamlessly connects with Amazon Alexa and various other smart home devices. You can complete this spring tech installation in 30 minutes or less without the need for any specialized tools, or you have the option to enlist a Tasker through TaskRabbit. 16-Zone: $249.99

For the Happy Campers

P60-MK Cooler & ROAM 18-V Vacuum Sealer Combo

Discover the ultimate companion for outdoor enthusiasts: the P60-MK Cooler and ROAM 18-V Vacuum Sealer Combo from PacBak. Honored as the Big Rock Sports 20 24 Best New Product for Camping/Outdoor and Fishing/Marine, this pair redefines freshness in the wilderness. The P60-MK Cooler, with its roto-molded construction, boasts a multi-chamber design offering separate areas for hot and cold, as well as wet and dry storage, complemented by a slide-out cutting board and a detachable table with fold-out legs. Its industry-leading ice retention ensures your goods stays fresh. Paired with the ROAM 18-V Vacuum Sealer, featuring a removable, rechargeable battery and lightweight design, this combo ensures your outdoor adventures are well-equipped. $599

Stargaze Reclining Camp Chair

The most comfortable auto reclining and swinging camp chair that can be set up on any surface is back with major updates to comfort and durability while increasing sustainability. The chair is suspended on an engineered frame that allows the smooth, swinging motion of a hammock. This new spring tech also features hands-free ‘just-lean-back’ reclining with a 2:1 pulley system for a relaxed view of the night sky or upright socializing around the campfire, NEMO’s Super Lock stainless steel hardware, an extended headrest is supported by lightweight struts, a generously curved upright poles for wider fit range and extra elbow room. $249.95

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