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Gaimin has developed an innovative solution to a modern computing problem

The world needs more computing power.

It’s not an assumption, it’s a fact. Scientists have been watching for years as we neared the limits of computing — at least with respect to speed and power.

On Jan. 23, 2018, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, speaking at the World Economic Forum in Davos, stated that, “the world is running out of computing power.”

In an all-connected digital world, computing power is everything. Animated movies need additional power to be able to render. The stock exchange creates astronomical demand at the global level with constantly updating prices and transactions.

Then came cryptocurrency. While cryptocurrency is gaining momentum on the world stage, it is simultaneously swallowing up massive amounts of computer power resources. In addition, the advent of other items is only further pressing that limit. Artificial intelligence, cloud computing, telemedicine, blockchain, 3D modeling, big data, and robotics all create massive demand.

Martin Speight, CEO and co-founder of Gaimin.

Gaimin.io, a European startup, has developed a creative solution. For much of the past decade, the group has been designing and testing a system that would allow gamers to essentially sell their excess computing power.

Typically, a small to medium-sized company’s e-commerce department will pay in the thousands of dollars each month to rent processing power (and hard drive space) to run applications that allow them to run web hosting, email services (for newsletters), analytics software, and much more, all of which are very processor intensive. This trend of renting processing power is growing daily.

Rather than spending billions of dollars on building dedicated resource farms, Gaimin.io are accessing the worldwide gaming community, and utilizing and rewarding this global network of untapped, globally distributed resources of 1.5 billion processing power providers, connected by high-speed internet connections, which can be aggregated, consolidated and then utilized to satisfy any of the myriad of profitable current, and future, needs for processing power.

The Gaimin.io project connects the world’s largest supply of GPU processing power, which belongs to the 1.5 billion gaming PCs in the global gaming community, with the rapidly growing, worldwide demand for massive processing power.

Gamers will be rewarded for participating in the “processor power supply network” with a blockchain-based crypto token they can use to spend on their in-game purchases, their gaming platform incorporating blockchain, NFTs, metaverse, interoperable games, tokens, GaimCraft directly in Gaimin’s marketplace and via their network of gaming partnerships.

“Gaimin’s offering brings together the market of GPU power providers and consumers. Their use of Hedera showcases how providers can be compensated for idle GPU powers and players can control the game items they earn in Gaimcraft with tokenized assets on Hedera. The HBAR Foundation is excited to see gamers introduced to the Hedera network through our latest gaming partner, Gaimin.” said Donald Thibeau, Chief Strategy Officer.

Currently coming out of a 1,000 user beta test, Gaimin.io will be an application for which gamers sign up and download for free, then have access to computational monetization.

“Gaimin approached Venly with their users already in beta mode,” said Tim Dierckxsens, co-founder and CEO at Venly. “Gaimin trusted in Venly’s ability to execute and has constantly been a driving factor to improve our technology and drive our product/market fit. I’m excited about their undoubtedly bright future, especially now knowing the team behind the company.”

Withdrawing your tokens is also an option, but as is the case with all crypto, there is a cost involved with transferring it over to an exchange for withdrawal. While it may be small in the beginning, there is the potential to make enough earnings to handle monthly in-game assets, NFTs, new computer parts, or pick up your game subscriptions at the very least.

The app runs entirely in the background. When you have spare computing power during times when you’re not playing, or even when playing lower-demand games, one can simply open the app and turn it on. Gaimin.io then begins sharing your computer power to companies with which it has an agreement in place.

That service could be working with an auction house, a busy news site, or even a company trying to speed up the processing of an animated film.

Best we can tell, you likely won’t even notice it is running.

The system also offers different options for how to use your newfound funds. Members will have access to special Gaimin — exclusive in-game perks and rewards. This will give users a chance to earn exclusive in-game content produced specifically for this project.

The only game the team has publicly “begun development on and has produced an integrated API, is Minecraft, which they have cleverly called Gaimcraft”. This uniquely allows users to create NFTs that seamlessly cross between the Gaimin marketplace and their Minecraft inventory.

The sign-up process is simple and what’s more, it is absolutely FREE. Start by visiting HERE and clicking to place yourself into the queue for when Gaimin officially launches. For that, the Gaimin team is giving away 1,000 GMRX tokens to each of the first 100 signups. ■

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