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By Tom Brett

5 Best Free Meeting Tools for Small Businesses

Communication can make or break a company, even more so with internal communication. Conference calls are a big staple of business, but many services are expensive or require large networks. 

Small businesses can fall by the wayside because of this unless they get the tools they need to keep everyone on the same page. There is hope and it doesn’t come at a drastic price.

There are more and more free and easy to use meeting tools hitting the market every day. We have 5 of the biggest contenders for you here today. 


The software known as Freebinar has switched over to AnyMeeting. Despite the name change, they remain a powerful and free tool for broadcasting conference calls around the globe.

For the small cost of minimal advertising, you can enjoy powerful features like hosting up to 200 person meetings, phone conferencing, and meeting recording.

AnyMeeting is a reliable standard for all free meeting tools.


Skype has become one of the most recognized conference call software’s in the world. Despite its fame, it is free and provides all the major features you desire.

Skype works great for small businesses, giving you a clear focus on intimate 20 person calls. File sharing and easy contact organization makes Skype very easy to use.

You can even upgrade Skype for a small cost to boost your business output. With a small subscription, Skype can broadcast to 250 people with extra features integrated into Microsoft Outlook. 


If you are looking for a free conference service with no limits, look no further than ConferenceTown for a quality, free conference call.

At its peak, ConferenceTown can host an impressive 5,000 person call with no call limits. Record and catalog every call with their easy to use system. 

ConferenceTown blows all the competition out of the water, including many paid services. All of this and consistent quality to keep your meetings crisp and steady.


If you want a strong variety, Zoom has a massive number of various conference functionalities for you to enjoy. From screen sharing, video recording, and even transfer of private calls to conference modes.

Zoom is great for collaboration, giving you little features like whiteboarding, screen sharing, and logging various information files. 

Zoom is great for the little things and manages the details you need to keep yourself organized. The UI is intuitive and requires little to no training to manage it.


For the simple and low hassle conference call service, you can’t do much better than UberConference.

UberConference has many of the standard features, like call recording and shared screens. While it does not host a wide number of people, it does not restrict your access in any way, giving you unlimited conferences each month.

The Meeting Tools For Your Small Business Needs

The right meeting tools will give you the power to connect everyone on your team and the freedom to manage your business how you need to. Every advantage is another powerful tool for a small business.

There is so much that technology can do for your business and a lot more of it is within reach than you might think. Look for more items that can boost your business in our business section.

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5 Best Free Meeting Tools for Small Businesses

November 29, 2019
By Tom Brett

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