May 19, 2024

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Female Tech Leaders: Q&A With Christina Babbitt of Red 6

Christina Babbitt is Director of Communications for one of the most innovative companies in the technology industry today. Red 6 is revolutionizing augmented reality (AR) for military training applications worldwide. 

We are at a pivotal point in the technology sector. Celebrating examples of women in STEM is paramount to bringing more girls to the industry and helping America thrive. 

The story and technology behind the Red 6 is compelling and Christina is spreading the news effectively. I recently had a chance to sit down with Christina to hear her thoughts on how to encourage women to share their stories

Christina Babbitt
GP: Christina, I watch the industry as you know, and noticed national news stories in the media about groundbreaking advancements from a tech company named Red 6.  I have been told, one of the reasons for this notice is because of your role within the company.  Who are you, Christina Babbitt and what is your superpower?

CB: I am a storyteller. I tell the stories about men and women who have ideas and, most of all, the courage to follow through and build something remarkable. I pull the newsworthy aspects of their story and technology, simplify it, so that it may be understood by all and then distribute their news to media outlets across the country and beyond. 

My superpower is passion. I don’t take on work that I am not passionate about. If I am passionate about my client’s mission, I don’t stop sharing their story until I get results.

GP: Women are significantly underrepresented in companies in the Aerospace and Defense market where most of your experience lies.  Female role models are very important to the future of more girls and women entering the industry. What do you think we can do to promote the positive influence of women to our future generations?

Our successes inspire others to aim higher, so I say continue to do what you are doing Gretchen, and share success stories of women in the industry and what they are accomplishing. Also, be there to support other women and share past experiences both failures and triumphs so that others may learn from you.

My work history is an example of women supporting women. There are three women that coached me along my journey; former CBS National Correspondent Sharyl Attkisson, while helping me make my first audition tape to become a broadcast reporter said to me, “Remember this, whatever you do, stay focused.” I mention this because I think there is a common misconception held by some that women must ultimately choose between career and family. Not necessarily true.

I struggled with that conflict for a long time and it took years to realize that with appropriate “focus” one can achieve balance and be successful in managing both. The other two women that mentored me are Chryssa Zizos, CEO of Live Wire Strategic Communications and Janet Chihocky, CEO of JANSON Communications. I am eternally grateful to these strong and successful women for their friendship and support.

GP: Tell us how your job role has changed in the technology industry to accommodate the fast paced environment?

CB: When I first began working in STEM and promoting technology, I found myself doing traditional media relations which involved many phone calls directly to journalists. With the pervasive growth of social media, and more recently, the restrictions associated with the pandemic, catching a journalist on the phone is increasingly difficult. I have found that it is vitally important for all companies to have a presence on social media sites that are regularly managed.  

GP: Tell us what you are working on and what’s next for you?

CB: I currently work in Corporate Communications for Red 6, a revolutionary technology firm, working alongside the United States Air Force to solve a national security issue that’s currently plaguing our warfighter’s ability to effectively train. I hope to continue to enhance the growth of the company and one day lead a Red 6 Communications team as we integrate our technology, Airborne Tactical Augmented Reality System (ATARS) into squadrons and platforms across all services and allied nations.

Women like Christina Babbitt are leading the way and helping us shape the next generation of women in STEM. The next wave of technology is as exciting and promising as the people helping us get there.

Gretchen Philyaw and Christina Babbitt
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By Gretchen Philyaw

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