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Female Leaders In Industry; Q and A With Head Of Universal Studios Florida Production Group

When you think Universal Studios, you think innovation, excitement, and technology.  I recently was thrilled to visit with the team at Universal Studios Florida Production Group and was blown away by the operation and the amazing woman at the helm, Pamela Tuscany.  We are in a crucial moment in time to celebrate the women in stem who make it happen every day.

We need to have role models for our future female leaders and Pamela Tuscany, Vice President/General Manager is leading the way.  I was fortunate to be able to discuss the role women leaders play in her industry and how she strives to make a difference everyday.  Here is my conversation.

GP:  Pamela, You are empowering women by being a role model in an innovative and dynamic industry. How do you feel we, women, can best empower each other?

PT:As my career evolved, it has changed the way I think on empowerment.  First off, in the beginning of my career I refused to believe there was a glass ceiling for woman in broadcasting, which was my first stop.  I remember quite clearly a female director sharing with me that women in our industry earn 73% the amount of our male counterparts.

She even wore a “73” pin on her suit jacket.  And while the gap still remains, I believe its 82% now, it’s clear there are inequalities in compensation.  And that is a problem.  But back to my story, again I refused to recognize that a man could achieve more or would be more qualified than myself for a role I wanted, if I put my heart into it.  So that is what I did.

And perhaps there are more opportunities or facts to support male dominance relating to career opportunities, I chose not to focus on that.  I share this with the many women my path crosses.  I had the distinct pleasure to head up the Universal Orlando Women’s Network, which I have to say was one of my finest accomplishments.

The women I met, the stories they shared enlightened me and reinforced the reality that women are incredible.  Multi-tasking, including focus on career, family and development of their children, caring and volunteering and most importantly nurturing.  This is what we do, every day and often don’t receive the credit that is so deserved.  We just keep going because it is who we are as women.

I have also heard that woman don’t support woman.  I say hogwash to that as well.  My greatest mentors were and are women.

GP:  If we want to see more women in Senior Positions, what is most needed?

PT: Well, fortunately we are now beginning to see many qualified women in senior positions.  Companies such as ours here in Orlando have significant female presence at the senior leadership level.  They are qualified and deserving to be there.  That is a point for me.  I do recognize there are challenges not only for women but other factors such as age or perhaps ethnicity.

But we should not go backward on this thinking.  Many many smart leaders that came before us, of all ethnicities have paved the way.  We no longer have to be the pioneers, but we need to step up to the opportunities that do exist.  I believe I am an example of this.

GP:  How has Universal Studios adapted to the pandemic and what is next?

PT:  I could not be more proud of a company than I am of ours.  As remarkable a time as it is, we have developed an environment to allow us to open our many businesses, including production with a level of confidence.  Being able to operate our parks and production facilities to employ, entertain and extend opportunities is truly an accomplishment.

Every day we explore and initiate exhaustive health and safety protocols that are actively enforced allowing us to safely operate. We aren’t out of the woods yet, however with the efforts we are putting into place, we can see that light at the end of the tunnel.


Pamela we believe you are indeed an example of the next wave of pioneers not only for Women in STEM and Women in Business but an exceptional example of our future leaders who shape our new world tomorrow.


About the Author: Gretchen Philyaw is President of Magenta Technologies LLC, an Atlanta-based industrial automation company and founder of USA Loves Manufacturing, an organization promoting and advocating USA manufacturing and technology.

Gretchen envisioned an organization that would support the manufacturing & technology arena and lift up the people that make it happen everyday. #PinkistheNewBlack




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December 18, 2020
By Gretchen Philyaw

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