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By Anthony Elio
By I&T Today

Exciting Expectations For #CES2017

There’s plenty of enthusiasm for this year’s #CES2017, and for good reason. With the conference celebrating its 50th year, we get to look back at how much technology has changed in half a century as well as appreciate the nostalgia of past events. However, it’s also a time to look forward at what the future of tech has in store for us. Let’s take a look at some of the many aspects of #CES2017 to be excited about.

Captivating Speakers

While #CES2017 hosts many of the world’s most intuitive companies, the event also highlights the people responsible for that success. The list of keynote speakers alone showcases some of the important people that look to share their wisdom and experience with attendees, beginning with opening keynote speaker and NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang along with MediaLink Chairman and CEO Michael E. Kassan and many, many more. Offering plenty of different perspectives throughout the event, these speakers look to showcase the constantly changing worlds of business and tech.

What Drives Us Forward

Even though it seemed like science fiction years ago, self-driving cars are very much on their way to the freeway. And CES is the perfect place to see how the automated future of driving could greatly improve safety on the roads. With the featured exhibitor Autoliv as well as big names such as Honda, expect to be amazed by the vehicles that will change our roads in the coming years.

A New Reality

The past few years we’ve seen huge steps taken forward when it comes to virtual reality and augmented reality alike. With many major names from the world of tech such as Orbbec and Sony featured during the event, expect to see how technology and reality can combine to change gaming, business, and entertainment alike.

Starting Up The Future

In addition to many of the tech companies we know and love, CES gives us a look at the growing companies that will change the future. In the past five years over 1,000 startups have been showcased at the conference, each looking to become the next big name in technology. With the big Startup Night Downtown Vegas event looking to kick off the conference, everyone will be on the lookout for the many young tech companies that will keep technology moving forward.


Before we look to the future at #CES2017, now is the perfect time to look at the past of the event as well. Using the hashtag #MyCES50, post your memories of the conference throughout the years for the chance to win incredible prizes!

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Exciting Expectations For #CES2017

January 23, 2017
By I&T Today

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