February 8, 2023

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Quick Bytes: Delivery Drones, Lizard Dreams, Tesla Theft

In this installment of Quick Bytes, we take a look at high-flying delivery drones, the dreams of lizards, and how to steal to Tesla.

Delivery Drones

It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane! It’s a Burger!

Uber has undoubtedly shaken up the taxi industry, helping to make ridesharing the new norm when it comes to taking a quick trip while also providing people with a diverse array of cars to throw up in. However, the multi-billion dollar company is looking beyond replacing taxicabs and giving consumers what they really want: greasy cheeseburgers delivered by AI aircraft.

The Wall Street Journal has recently found a job listing for the company searching for an operations executive to help helm a planned drone delivery takeoff. This looks to be a part of UberExpress, Uber’s drone delivery alternative to UberEats (now that’s branding!). In fact, according to Business Insider, Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi was quoted in May about the project, saying, “We need flying burgers.” Interestingly, that doesn’t even crack the top 10 weirdest quotes from CEOs this year.

Lizard Dreams

Do Lizards Dream of Electric Bugs?

Dreams are still one of the most fascinating aspects of the human condition. After all, who hasn’t
spent hours analyzing that dream where they show up late to their classes on the day of the big test naked and begin falling? And everybody’s taken extreme joy in watching their dog “dream running.” But let’s get to the real question on everyone’s mind: Do lizards dream?

According to researchers from the CNRS and Claude Bernard Lyon 1 University, it appears that, much like birds and humans (along with other mammals), lizards exhibit two sleep states, corroborating similar studies involving the Argentine tegu and bearded dragon. Does this mean that scientists will discover more similarities between the scaly reptiles and the human race? A lizard can dream.

How to Steal a Tesla

Tesla: Impossible

Don’t you hate it when your extremely expensive, technologically advanced car gets stolen? Yes, the one percent of us understand that can be a real pain. But what’s almost as bad as getting such a great piece of tech taken from you? Somebody posting a video of the vehicle being stolen on the world’s most popular video sharing website … which also acts as a guide on how to steal it.

In the recording posted to YouTube, the thieves utilize a tablet in order to get the passive signal of a Tesla’s key fob, which allowed them to easily enter the vehicle. The only flaw in their master plan? They couldn’t figure out how to unplug the vehicle, costing them several minutes of drivetime and ruining all dramatic flair.

While this may seem like a major flaw on Tesla’s part, the owner admittedly did not utilize such safety features as “PIN to drive” and left passive entry enabled. Regardless, one can only assume that Elon Musk will respond to the incident with a bizarre tweet that will cost the company billions of dollars.

By I&T Today

By I&T Today

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