July 18, 2024

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Drone Light Shows: The New Trend for Fourth of July Celebrations

As the United States celebrates its 247th birthday, some cities are opting for a more eco-friendly and innovative way of lighting up the night sky: drone light shows. These shows use hundreds of drones equipped with LED lights to choreograph dazzling patterns, shapes and animations that can rival traditional fireworks for stunning entertainment value.

Drone light shows are not only quieter and safer than fireworks, but also more customizable and adaptable to different themes and occasions. They can also reduce the environmental impact of fireworks, which can cause fire hazards, noise disturbance, traumatize pets and harm wildlife.

Some of the cities that have embraced drone light shows this year include:

Credit: Geoscan Group via Wikimedia
  • Salt Lake City, Utah: The city hosted its first-ever drone show on Saturday, July 1, as part of its Independence Day weekend festivities. The show featured 200 drones performing a choreographed dance to music over Summit Park. Mayor Erin Mendenhall said the show was an effort to minimize the high fire danger and air quality concerns caused by fireworks in the state, which is among the most wildfire-prone in the country.
  • Boulder, Colorado: The city also debuted its first drone show on Monday, July 3, at Folsom Field. The show was organized by WK Real Estate and the University of Colorado, and featured 300 drones creating patriotic images and messages. Dan Kingdom, owner of WK Real Estate, said the decision to switch to drones was based on several factors, including environmental considerations, difficulties finding fireworks due to the pandemic, and especially the memory of the Marshall Fire that devastated the community 18 months ago.
  • Lake Tahoe, California: The city celebrated its second annual drone show on Sunday, July 2, at Edgewood Tahoe Resort. The show was produced by Sky Elements Drone Shows and featured 500 drones forming various shapes and colors over the lake. Rick Boss, president of Sky Elements Drone Shows, said drone shows are a great alternative to fireworks for communities that are concerned about forest fires and other environmental impacts.
  • La Jolla and Ocean Beach, California: These two coastal communities in San Diego County also joined the drone trend this year with their first drone shows on Monday, July 3. The shows were produced by Drone Studios and featured 200 drones each creating spectacular displays over the ocean. Jeff Stein, owner of Drone Studios, said La Jolla and Ocean Beach decided to try a new way of celebrating Independence Day for the first time.

Drone light shows are not only limited to Fourth of July celebrations. They have also been used for other events such as sporting events, music festivals, corporate events and extravagant weddings. Some experts predict that drone light shows will become more popular and accessible in the future as technology advances and regulations ease.

Drone light shows may not completely replace fireworks, which have a long history and tradition in American culture. But they offer a new and exciting way of celebrating special occasions with less environmental impact and innovative creativity.

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By Jim Daws

Jim Daws is Managing Editor for Innovation & Tech Today.

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