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Congressional Startup Day Is Coming to Tampa, Florida

Grit Daily’s annual Congressional Startup Day is coming to Tampa Bay, Florida on August 11th. 

It’s a can’t-miss and in-person congressional startup day event. 

It’s one of two major events Grit Daily is proud to present in the great state of Florida. 

The event is anchored by the flagship 4x Latina VC Summit, which features some of the top VCs in the industry.

 It’s both in-person and digital, but in either format, bound to educate and inspire. 

 It’s an opportunity for entrepreneurs to explore all corners of the industry. 

 Learn about an industry that provides millions of jobs every year, as well as places emphasis on advancement, pushing the envelope, and exploring the unknown. 

Congressional Startup Day has a long history of serving the public. 

Once known as Startup Day Across America, the day was founded by the Governor of Colorado, Jared Polis

Polis wanted entrepreneurs to not only meet and exchange ideas, but to discuss with elected officials how startups can best serve communities. 

Now that Polis is Governor, Chrissy Houlhan is now the lead behind Congressional Startup Day. 

Houlhan, as well as Grit Daily, want to shine a light on how to advance as an entrepreneur.

Although the event is Grit Daily’s first annual Congressional Startup Day in Tampa, it’s far from Grit Daily’s first event. 

Previously, the company has brought entrepreneurs together at South by Southwest, Sundance, Amazon’s Alexa Voice Summit, and Miami Art Week. 

Grit Daily strives to bring exciting minds together to learn from each other.

The event will showcase Tampa, Florida’s most exciting startups, allowing them to pitch their companies to prospective angels, venture capital investors, congress members and serial entrepreneurs. 

It’s an opportunity to succeed, not only learn. 

Following a luncheon, the day will commence with a panel, 4 of Florida’s Unicorn Startups. 

Here’s the full schedule: 

12-1pm: VIP luncheon. Inquire for tickets. Limited to 20. VIP only. 

1-5pm: Grit Daily’s Congressional Startup Day at Industrious Tampa

230-3pm: 4x Latina VC Summit, with Ayurella Muller (Forbes) and Loralyn Mears, Ph.D. (Grit Daily)

330-4pm: One-minute startup pitch competition x 12, Grit Daily Royale. 

420-440pm: Meet Tampa’s Unicorn Startups, panel moderated by Loralyn Mears.

445-5pm: Closing Keynote by Florida Legislature Representative Jackie Toledo.

Jackie Toledo will provide the grand finale for the day’s event. She serves in the Florida House of Representatives District 60. 

She’s served her community long before she took office, having run a business. 

During the pandemic, she fought to protect coverage for people with pre-existing conditions, fully fund COVID treatments, and protect the most vulnerable. 

With both experience in government and business, Toledo will provide 45 minutes of insight to entrepreneurs, both new and experienced. 

Grit Daily has teamed up with two prestigious sponsors, Industrious and Omni Public for the Congressional Startup Day. 

The latter is a progressive global strategy, public affairs and public relations firm. 

The company specializes in assisting companies in introducing and deploying new technologies, concepts, and ideas into the market place and engaging with government, media and industry. 

Omni Public has worked with Bird, Ford, and Tesla, to name a few. 

As for Industrious Office, the company provides offices for well-known companies, either temporary or long-lasting. 

The company prides itself on providing “thoroughly professional and thoughtfully designed” and “flexible workplaces support teams of all sizes and stages — from startups to Fortune 500s.” 

Hyatt, Lyft, and Pfzier have used their services. 

Tickets for the Grit Daily event are available now on Eventbrite

Entrepreneurs will gather at the Industrious Tampa Downtown. 

It’s an opportunity that, in line with Grit Daily’s mission, will bring the brightest minds together to discuss the future across a variety of industries.

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July 27, 2021
By Jordan French

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