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CEDIA 2017
By Louie Fox
By I&T Today

CEDIA 2017 Survival Guide

CEDIA 2017 looks to be a huge event, as evidenced by its placement in the gigantic San Diego Convention Center. Because there’s so much to see at the event, you’ll want to make sure you’re adequately prepared throughout. Let’s take a look at all the essentials for those attending the upcoming CEDIA 2017 event.

Stay Comfortable

Looking presentable at the event is a must. However, just because you want to look stylish doesn’t mean you have to walk around uncomfortably. Do a shopping trip for clothes that look good, but still manage to be comfy and breathable. And definitely invest in some comfortable (yet still stylish) shoes. Trust us, flip flops may be great for hitting the beach the day after the event ends, but they won’t do it when you’re on the show floor.

Hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate!

We simply can’t stress this enough. The weather in San Diego the week of CEDIA looks to be around the 70s and 80s. While that’s not particularly scorching, consider this: you’re going to be doing quite a bit of moving. After all, the event is pretty much a mini-marathon where you also get to see some interesting new tech. You need to make sure you’re keeping yourself as well-hydrated as possible. Trust us, you’re much better spending a few extra dollars on that water bottle than getting yourself dehydrated.

Study Up

It’s no secret that CEDIA is a huge event. After all, there will be over 500 different exhibitors there. However, this incredible amount of companies also means you’ll need to know where you’re going. Luckily, the event’s official website provides not only a map of the show floor but an entire exhibitor list. So, not to sound like your 8th grade teacher telling you to do your homework, but do your homework.

Take A Break

Big events such as CEDIA can definitely be a bit overwhelming. After all, walking a number of miles while navigating your way around excited crowds doesn’t exactly scream “relaxing.” Make sure to take the occasional break, even if that means just sitting down for five minutes here and there. And, hey, there’s a reason there’s a food court and restaurants in and around the Convention Center. Take a breather and grab a sandwich.

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CEDIA 2017 Survival Guide

August 31, 2017
By I&T Today

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